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How private mentoring with me works.

15 years ago when I received the letter of invitation to continue my studies and undertake a Master in Clinical Psychology so I could become a practising psychologist I halted. In part, because I wasn’t sure I had accrued high enough grades to invite an offer; and in a larger part because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a psychologist anymore.


Something about the way that we were expected to categorise and label unique, individual human souls didn’t sit right with me. From my own experience with various forms of therapy, there is a limit of how far into the psyche we can reach. Talk therapy is incredible when we haven’t had any more to explicitly share our deepest fear, traumas and shame. It opens up a portal for release and transformation.


It also summons the potential for getting stuck in the past, reliving all those things that happened before that hurt over and over again sliding the individual firmly into a narrative of victimhood instead of offering up an incentive that what is really important is what we do with those experiences to grow, to heal, to evolve.


From my understanding, clinical psychology has progressed somewhat since then. There is more room to include the individual, to see them not just as an animal but as a soul having a physical experience, and that the physical experience needs to be addressed as much if not even more than the psychological one. As we all now know, all trauma, memories and subconscious patterning lives within our cells and becomes an embodied experience that can only be unravelled through a combination of psychosomatic approaches.


I am excited and delighted to be educating myself further in that direction now that it is more freely available. As ever my skills and direction are shifting and evolving as I continuously undertake formal and informal studies to bring new things into my business container. Over the past year, I have had less availability for private clients as I create more space for the new things that are in the undercurrent of my own growth to come to the surface.


For the first time in 5 years, I have raised my prices just slightly this June to reflect my increased experience and capacity to hold space. My popular 3-month private mentoring container is fully booked out until September except for current and ongoing clients, but are open for interest now. I do have some openings for single 1-hour sessions throughout the rest of the year. I thought this was a good time to give you an insight into how my private mentoring works.


My aim is to support and guide women to redefine their life with a 3-pronged approach. Sometimes this is business-focused, sometimes it is personal-life-focused. Often it is a combination of both.

  • Talk therapy is based on the core idea that talking about the things that are bothering you can help clarify them and put them in perspective. Essentially it’s about cognitively bringing awareness to behaviours, patterns and the experiences in your life so that you can understand them, learn their root cause and renegotiate how you navigate life through systematic processes of self-awareness.
  • Identifying the patterns, beliefs, and habits that are stopping you from creating, and living the life that you know is meant for you offers us an entrance into the heart of things and how your body makes sense and replicates those. I always bring my personal flavour, experiences and holistic tools and perspectives into my sessions which makes them very successful.
  • Determining your core desires and drivers is about getting clear on what you actually want for yourself and your life, and developing tangible and embodied ’next steps’ that I hold you through. This is about giving yourself permission to dream BIG and act in alignment with the vision you hold for yourself.



    • 6 x 60-minute Zoom video sessions per month held every 2 weeks
    • Email support in between to share wins and ask questions that will propel you forward. The email support is incredibly powerful when maximised (often acting as ‘extra sessions’), so I encourage you to do so.
    • In our first session together we will set specific aims for us to complete throughout our time together. You are responsible for taking notes and actioning the steps outlined in our sessions to keep you focused and moving forward.
    • Our sessions are entirely customised to your current needs, and we will cover all the emotional, psychological and practical aspects with a holistic overview to meet your aims as we create a new way of approaching your life together.
    • Your investment: £850 upfront; or £285 x 3 months payment plan.



      • 1 x 60 minutes Zoom session
      • Email support for one week after the session to ask questions and request further support
      • It is recommended to bring up to 3 key issues you would like to address in our session which you can outline in the intake form.
      • Our sessions are always very intuitively led where you can relax, ask questions, absorb the teachings and take notes of anything that offers you respite and practices or solutions that you can take to move forward.
      • Your investment: £150.



    My mentoring days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you cannot find a time in the calendar that is convenient, please email me, and we will work something out. Once you have chosen a session time the booking link will process your payment and take you through to a mentoring agreement form and a short questionnaire for you to complete to validate the booking and get me set up to prepare for our call. All sessions are held over Zoom for which you will receive the link in the booking confirmation email.


    If you are curious about my terms and conditions, you can read them on my newly-updated policies page, here. Thank you for being here, and for reading about how private mentoring works with me.


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