Hi Vienda,
I stumbled across your site recently and was absolutely astounded to discover this whole Gypset movement. Before I saw your site and Julia Chaplin’s Gypset website, I thought that my stubbornness to keep travelling and avoid getting stuck into a career was something that I would eventually have to give up.
I’ve been wishfully looking for a career to keep sustaining my current life of travel and freedom in the long-term, so it’s so nice to see people like you reach out and help people connect with like minds. It’s really encouraging, so thank you. 
To my point though, I wanted to ask you how community comes into the Gypset lifestyle – not an international community but a local one. Community is a really important aspect of happiness and I’d like to know your views on how to maintain strong relationships even with this sort of lifestyle. 

Hi Ella,
Thank you for asking such a good question. How to create and maintain your community, wherever you go is an important topic for anyone, whether they travel or not.
In my video I outlined a few points:

  • We are constantly evolving and therefore our community has to evolve alongside us, otherwise we no longer match each others needs, values and priorities. Holding on, too tightly, to a community that may no longer be in alignment with who you are and where you are now, doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other. It simple means that you need and want different things. And that’s totally ok!


  • Learning to be alone, love being alone, and liking who you are, when you are alone, is an exquisite learning part of traveling, that allows you experience yourself fully, discover your own self-worth and practice loving yourself, plus, it makes you all the more interesting and awesome for other people to get to know you. Essentially, if you like yourself, other people will like you too, and finding your community wherever you go, becomes so easy.


  • Your vibe attracts your tribe. So be the kind of person you want to hangout with, and know that your community are always waiting for you with open arms, no matter whether you are in your parents home-town or gallivanting down the east coast of India. People are wired to connect and seek out their own tribe, so keep being yourself and loving who that is.


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