How to discover your life purpose.
When you read the title “How To Discover Your Soul Purpose” you might have thought that you would get a nice, tidy 5-step plan, that would give you all the answers.
Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you today, my love. It’s actually much, much simpler than that.
1. Your soul doesn’t care what you do. It just cares about HOW you do it.
2. Your purpose is already right in front of you, woven into the threads of what makes you, you.
Allow me to embellish on those two points a little more. I’ve spent YEARS of my life trying to figure out this exact on thing, until I almost gave up. And then I realised that I was looking in all the wrong places. I was looking at it all the wrong way.
You see, I was searching in the world outside of me, for answers that only live within.
I was looking for that exciting and challenging career that would fulfil my need to be of service to this world. I was seeking for that perfect relationship with a man, who could show up in all the ways that I could not – someone to complete me. I was looking for that lifestyle that would make me feel alive and inspired.
Until one day, I realised that I had a choice in every moment. To do whatever I was doing with grace, and joy, and gratitude. Or without. And that my soul was still and happy when I chose the former. It was then, that I felt fulfilled.
When I did everything I was  doing with purpose – I was living my soul purpose.
So, if my soul doesn’t care what I do, then what’s the point of all this?
That’s when the other part, our human nature comes in, We all have an innate desire to bring forth whatever unique skills and talents lay within us, and share them with the world.
Some of us find jobs, careers, relationships and lifestyles that allow us to do this. And some of us don’t.
Some of us find a sweet harmony between our jobs, hobbies and passions. And some of us make it their work.
Figuring out the WHAT to do part, beyond the HOW to do it, is what turns so many of us in our beds at night.
The caveat here is getting to know oneself. To really, expertly know yourself. Not just your favourite foods, colours and sexual positions. But getting to know all the unique parts that have come together that make you who you are.
The active part of your soul purpose is the culmination of everything you already are:
> Your childhood experiences.
> Your dreams and desires.
> What makes you feel free and wild.
> Those silly, weird things that you secretly love doing.
> The things you’ve learnt at work and at school.
> The things you do, when you’re procrastinating.
> Those things you do, simply because they make you smile.
> Your prayers and intentions – set at night.
You discover your soul purpose by discovering yourself, and by doing everything you do, with a sense of love, grace, gratitude and purpose. Start where you are. Because that’s where you’ll find it. That’s where you’ll discover your soul purpose.
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