How to find your purpose and "thing" in life
One of the things I love about our modern world is that we a can have in real time, global conversations across cultures all at once. Like today, a conversation that sparked from this Instagram post around finding what your purpose and “thing” in life is. When I arrived home this evening, I couldn’t stop thinking about how important and powerful this topic is.
So many (and I’ve been there, which is why I understand it so well) of us spend enormous amounts of time fretting that we haven’t figured out what we have come here to do with our precious life, and that makes us feel like we somehow don’t belong. Or that we are doing something wrong.
In a world focused on achieving ‘greatness’ as defined by a very limited array of alternatives many people, especially women, feel like failures when they haven’t come to the conclusion on exactly what their path to said greatness will be. In this second ever episode of VM Radio, I share about my own journey of trying to discover my purpose, what happened, how nothing really fit, until years later when I realised that my purpose was to be the fullest expression of myself. I share how to figure out what that is, what is standing in the way, and why we spend so much time looking in all the wrong places.

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