Become a successful coach.
Last week I received an email from my beautiful, talented and ├╝ber-helpful intern Bethany Mullins on how to create a successful coaching business. This is how it went:

Hi Vienda!


As you well know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of yours. You’ve actually inspired me and shown me that a coaching business is attainable and can be simple yet fun and creative. I feel like your business is a model for me to get inspiration from and remind me that it is always possible for me to get there.


I recently felt a wave of clarity in the last 10 days – it was crazy! I just launched my site with my solid message. I’m currently looking at my business through new eyes and am eager to learn what things worked for different people.


I was hoping you’d have a few minutes to answer some questions for me about how you do what you do. I don’t mean to copy you or steal – only learn and understand what is possible.
I understand you’re busy and don’t expect much. But would absolutely LOVE to hear from you :)


Her questions were so good, I decided to share them, and my answers with you here, today:


How do you go about scheduling your blog? Do you have a months worth backed up and schedule from there?


I spent about a year working out what days and times were the best for me to post on and in the ned figured out that Mondays and Thursdays work the best. Studies say that people read blog posts the most on Tuesday mornings, but I don’t believe that’s true for everyone so I follow my own rhythm and intuitive process and this is what works for me. I write posts as and when I am inspired and then schedule them. Again, this is an intuitive process.Sometimes I wrote a tonne, and have weeks of content ahead of me, at other times I write and post in the moment. It varies and all I do is trust the process. I don’t encumber myself with too much ‘should’s’ and expectations.


Do you have an assistant to help you?


I do not have an assistant at this time, though as things speed up, I will be seeking out to work with an admin assistant in the near future, to give me more space and time. Currently I have an intern helping me with design, I used to have one in the past, helping with social media, and I have a bookkeeper whom I pay a weekly salary to take care of my accounts and such, as it does my head in!


What social media has been good to you in growing your business?


My favourite Social Media channels are Instagram and Facebook. They allow me to tell my story, share what inspires me and relate the brand personality and message in a constant and fun way.


What was a big turning point for you in really bringing in paying clients?


One of my biggest turning points to bringing in paying clients is to stop having a plan B to fall back on, and fully leaping, both feet first, into my coaching business. It meant: no bridge jobs, no side jobs, no padded income from other areas and fully stepping into the fear of making this business my only source of income. Doing that was of course, insanely scary, because I literally didn’t know how I was going to make money, but it was the push I needed to make this business financially and soulfully fulfilling on every level.


Do you have questions about becoming a coach too? Book in for a Soul-Jam Session with me to nut them out, and help you take strides on your own path to success.


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