Sometimes, when life decides to throw us a new challenge, we have to know how to respond very, very quickly. And sometimes that challenge is having the money that you need to do the things that you want and fulfill your current commitments and desires. This is where a combination of effort, love, faith and magic and come into play!
I learnt this very simple money manifesting technique from money and manifesting expert Denise Duffield Thomas, which she calls The Money Manifest Formula. I used it myself only last week, and within 6 days manifested $1,135 dollars out of, what felt like, thin air. So I know that this works! According to Denise, depending on what money blockages you might be dealing with, you can instantly manifest the amount that you need with 24 hours to one week. For me, it started trickling in within 1 hour (I received an email for a gig to write a short article for $100) and has continued to flow in ever since. I do this exercise whenever I feel like I need to.
1. Deal with your money stuff. (Recognize what limiting beliefs are holding you back and release them with whatever techniques work for you. I can coach you through that process.)
2. Write down everything you need. Place a figure next to each item and then add it all up. Because clarity is magic, baby!
3. Track and acknowledge every single bit of money that comes into your life over the next 24 hours to week with gratitude. Yes, even that coin you found on the street.
4. Take action. Write down 20 things you can do right now to manifest money. And start doing.
5. Be in the space of abundance. Use this affirmation, or one that resonates abundance for you, daily “Money loves me and wants to take care of me.”
I like to say “Life loves me and wants to support me. It is safe for me to receive.”
Enjoy this process. It is life changing and truly amazing how well it works, I am so grateful to have learnt it and to be able to share it with you. Remember, I can always support you through your own process in my coaching program here.

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