How to leave your entire life behind and reinvent yourself.
I just wrapped up a deep conversation with a client who wanted guidance and clarity on whether she should move from LA to Hawaii or not. It was something that pulled at her heart. She knew she wanted to go, but was scared. She felt torn: both elated and terrified; about leaving the life she has created for herself behind, including a successful fitness studio and plenty of amazing clients; and starting new, in a place where she might have to begin her career again.
I told her that when you have the crazy strong desire to move to a new place, there’s a reason for it. That place is calling you because it has something to show you and teach you. It’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself.
“I don’t know what to do!” she moaned.
Then she proceeded to tell me all the challenges that she was facing, with the impending move: money to save, debts to pay off, belongings to ship, a new job, house and car to find. It was all starting to feel overwhelming, and she was losing faith in her dream to move to Hawaii, leaving her life behind and reinventing herself.
So I shared her one of my secrets: Whenever I am about to embark on a new adventure, I ask the universe for support.
It’s one of my best manifesting tools, that I use all the time. When I have a desire spark up into my vision, I get really clear on how I want to feel when this desire unfolds, and then I ask for support to allow it to do so.
For example: late last year I decided that I wanted to go on a trip to see my friends in London, in the first half of the year. And that I wanted the trip to be paid for by itself, and then some. So I sent my wish out into the universe. I mentioned it in my meditation, I wrote about it in my journal and I placed that dates I wanted to go, in my calendar. Over the weeks and months that followed, I mapped out a 2 day workshop that is being held over the last Friday and Saturday of April (more on that coming soon) with a friend, secured a few in person sessions to cover my costs, and everything fell into place.
What I did, was ask for what I wanted, from place of complete trust that no matter what the outcome, I would be guided to my highest good. I wrote about how to trust in the universe here. If I wasn’t meant to go to London, it simply wouldn’t have worked out, no matter how hard I tried. I know that from experience.
I told my Hawaii-bound client that her very first step was to ask for guidance and support for this big adventure she was about to undertake. If she is meant to move to Hawaii everything will fall into place for her with absolute ease as long as she stays true to her vision and clear on her path.
She knows what she has to do: take each day at a time and follow her course. Save the money. Pay off the debts. Look at jobs. Find a place to live. Buy a new car when she gets there. Each part has its own divine timing that she will be guided on, as long as she believes that she supported in her endeavours.
When everything aligns, and the path ahead takes her to her destination, she will look back with astonishment on how easy it all was, because she let go of the need to control how and when she reached the outcome, and instead allowed herself to guided by surrendering to the support that she attracted to her.
The second step, is letting go of what you think you need. We often tend to hold onto certain things thinking that we need them, in order to feel comfortable and do the things you need to do. But the reality is, when you want to leave your entire life behind, and reinvent yourself, you literally don’t need anything except for a change of clothes and a passport. Everything else can be acquired again, anywhere you go.
Reinvention is a chance to recreate yourself and be who you actually are meant to be. This can be a challenge when you are surrounded by people who have specific expectations of who you are and how you act. Transforming in plain view of others can be terrifying and paralyzing. Which is what makes travel or moving to a new place so appealing. Unconfined to the expectations of others and old habits of the past you are free to finally be you.
Over the past 12 years of living in many different countries and visiting many new places I like to think that I’m a master of reinvention. In reality however, what I have been doing so masterfully, is coming home to myself. Every move, every new choice, every new location, has given me the opportunity to refine who I am, and who I really want to be, in the world.
This is exactly what Hawaii is, to this client. A new fresh perspective on herself, and her world.
So why wouldn’t she grasp it? Because sometimes, those voices that appeal to us, voice themselves too strongly for us to ignore. Here begins the internal struggle between what we intuitively know is right for us, and what our logical mind tells us, because it wants to keep us safe.
The only solution is to practice a depth of trust, and keep asking for the support to show up, as she makes her way towards living out that powerful call she has to move to Hawaii.

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