How to make a difference in the world when there is so much hate, hurt, bad and evil. 
I do not watch the news. Ever. I do not watch the news, not because I want to put my head in the sand and ignore what’s happening in the world. I do not watch the news because I care.
I care so much that even after 5 minutes my face is wet with tears. My heart hurts. I begin to wonder how and why this insanity even exists. And I spiral into a dark place of helplessness and hopelessness.
I also know the news isn’t a well-balanced source. It doesn’t show the even worse terrors that are happening in lesser-known places. It dramatizes and over-emphasizes. And it certainly doesn’t show any of the good that’s happening in the world.
The news is a source of insanity, fear, danger, pain, terror, horror, panic, anxiety, worry and bad.
Over 10 years ago, I decided to stop watching the news and instead, to dedicate my life to bringing truth, beauty, freedom and love to the world. And also peace, kindness, compassion, acceptance, openness, connection and calm. Because I care more than words can say.
Even though I don’t watch the news, it doesn’t escape me, when traumatic events take place. I do have Facebook after all, and Facebook is now essentially the new TV.
And it seems that there are just so many things happening that are totally out of alignment with truth, beauty, freedom and love. I can’t tell you why these things are happening. It baffles me as much as it baffles you.
But I can tell you how to make a difference in the world when there is so much hate, hurt, bad and evil.

  • Stop watching the news. It doesn’t help if you too, end up in dark place of helplessness and hopelessness. You can’t help or make a difference from that space.


  • Remember that what you give your energy and attention to expands. If you focus on the bad things that are happening in the world, you feed them with your energy, even if you look at them and discuss them with disgust and horror.


  • Start with you. In order to be a clear shining light of truth, beauty, freedom and love, you have to embody truth, beauty, freedom and love. Is there anywhere in your life where you are out of alignment? Are you living your values? Is there some clearing, letting go and de-cluttering you need to do in your life? If you want to make a positive difference, become a clear beaming light.


  • Know that everything you do, say and give your attention to, had an impact. Your choices have a ripple effect on the entire world. And you get to decide what that impact is. Choose the be an example of what you want the world to be. Be loving, be accepting, be kind, be generous. First and foremost with yourself, and when your cup is full with the world.


  • Understand that you cannot be of help, if you yourself are not whole and full. If you are struggling in your life whilst giving everything away to others, that’s not helping. That’s adding to the imbalance. Do your inner work first.


  • Encourage others to take responsibility for the impact they have in the world by being a leading example of mindful, vulnerable and kind living and free thinking. Don’t tell them what to do. Show them what to do.


  • Seek out the good in the world. The more we focus on what truth, beauty, freedom and love there is, the more it expands. The more we band together the stronger we are.

To make a difference in the world when there is so much hate, hurt, bad and evil, we have to recognize that there is more than meets the eye. And that we never will have the full picture. And that the best place to start, is right here, right now.
Let’s make the world a little lighter, sweeter and easier.

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