How to start a freedom-fuelled business. Introduction to the 8-part series.
One of the questions that I am asked most often is “How did you start your freedom-fuelled business?”
Over the next 8 articles, I am answering that question with an 8-part series in response to those burning questions. I will share with you as much detail and valuable information as I can, that I have learned through doing it myself.
If starting your own freedom-fuelled business and lifestyle is something you have been longing for, this is for you. Now is your time to listen, learn and take action.
I have covered 8 very specific areas on how to start a freedom-fuelled business:

  1. Identifying your skills, and deciding what kind of business to start.
  2. Understanding your great, big, guiding why. (By using your heart and intuition to make decisions.)
  3. Overcoming fear, self-sabotage, and putting yourself out there.
  4. Creating a platform, building an audience and using social media.
  5. Finding balance and boundaries, to live out your freedom-fuelled life.
  6. Changing your mindset around self-worth, value and money.
  7. Honing and defining your niche and your message.
  8. Nurturing relationships and connecting with influencers to elevate your brand.

PLUS: A bonus live recorded Q&A around how to start a freedom-fuelled business, with more of your burning questions answered, where I share my own personal experiences and stories in both a video and an article.
Enjoy! xo
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