How to use gratitude journaling to get more good stuff.
To continue the celebrations, for the doors to Manifest More being open again, I wanted to share with you an insight on one of the topics we cover in the course: how gratitude journaling works, to get more good stuff.
You see, gratitude journaling is so effective, in lifting your vibe, helping you attract the things you want, even Oprah does it.

Today, I’m going to hand you over to journaling pro Sophie Crooks, who shared her gratitude journaling process with all of us, in the Manifest More Facebook group recently, to show you how it works.

Gratitude Journaling is when, instead of just journaling about whatever pops into your head, you write with the intention of increasing your positivity and appreciation for the things in your present world. This is most usually done in the form of a list, for example:

  • I am grateful for this beautiful weather.
  • I thank the universe for giving me this healthy body.
  • I love my adorable dog so much.
  • I am so lucky to be able to travel
You can choose any wording you want to express your gratitude in, as long as it is positive and affirming. Set an intention each day to just write 3-5 things that are making you happy. You can do this at any time of day though I personally love to do it after lunch when I sometimes need a little boost to help me realign with positive vibrations for the rest of the day.
Gratitude Journaling is one of the most powerful things I’ve encountered for bringing more joy and happiness into your life. We tend to get so complacent, get used to what we’ve already have, and are always rushing to reach the next milestone, that it can be easy to forget to take that moment to pause and just appreciate all you already have. Gratitude journaling forces you to slow down and take stock of how amazing your life already is. On top of that it inspires feelings of thanks, joy and positivity all of which raise our vibrations and serve to manifest more of the same into our lives.
It is an amazing practice because no matter how bad things are going in your life you can always find things to be grateful about even if it’s as simple as being grateful for being alive, for having a beating heart, for breathing air, for having a roof over your head and nourishing food in your belly.
I have also personally used the practice to shift negative events into positive ones. For example when I’ve experienced failure or heartbreak I have journaled over and over again about how grateful I am for learning experiences, to be changing and growing, to have opportunities to bring new things into my life. This has been incredibly healing.
One final tip I have for those who are really interested in fostering more gratitude and appreciation is to use examples from past gratitude journal entries and create a word document or whatever your favourite way to write notes is, and create gratitude categories.
Have a list of all the things you can be grateful for about your health, your relationships, your career, your home etc. Whenever you feel less than crash hot about one of these areas you can refer to the list and have a ready-made reminder of all the things you love about your body or your job or whatever else it may be.
Keep a grateful heart and manifest miracles.


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