I understand how debilitating it can feel when things that you assume are “normal” like sleep, are not coming. When the mind is holding on so tightly, and all the fear creeps into the body, and the thoughts are spinning and you start to feel completely out of control. I know how upsetting it can be when things aren’t the way you think they “should” be.
…and for me, the most powerful practice here is ACCEPTANCE.
So, sleep doesn’t want to come right now. I surrender and accept. Instead of trying to force things, I let go of the idea that they have to be a certain way. I think things like “Well, this is a good opportunity to meditate and sink deeper into this experience” and “even if I can’t sleep, I can let my body rest”. For me, sleep is incredibly important, I am not a very nice person when I cannot sleep, but I also notice that my sleep is usually most affected when I am going through some big internal growth and shifts.
Instead of fighting what is, I accept what is, knowing that this will change. We are not here to control life. We are here to let life live us. And sometimes that means we have less comfortable experiences. Experiences that are often trying to tell us something. It is on those sleepless nights that I have received the most powerful downloads and messages around what has to change in my life.
It’s your choice. You can view these experiences as a gift, as a way of your soul speaking to you. You can make friends with them. Or you can reject them, and feel hardened and burdened by them. 
You are currently on a journey of getting to know the inner-most aspects of yourself. Your work here is to listen to YOUR INNER GUIDANCE over anyone else’s. There’s not a “perfect” amount of letting go of control that we can advise here. When I let go, I generally attempt to surrender completely, every part of myself, to get out of the way 100% so that what needs to come through can…
I hope that helps in some way. Know you are not alone in this journey. Many have walked these paths before you, and survived, and even thrived, with time.

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