Right now, I’m sitting on my large floor cushion, covered in my rainbow-flavoured blanket that I bought in Guatemala 12 years ago for only $4. (Can you believe the amount of work that goes into these blankets, and how cheap they were back then? It hardly seems fair…)
As you can see, this is what my office currently looks like, ever since I moved to Byron Bay about 6 weeks ago.
I can’t fully capture in words, what this move had literally moved within me, but today, I will try.
Every now and then I catch myself, in a grateful moment of glee at my current life and surrounds and I hear an inner voice saying, things are changing. And those changes, I know, are ones that transform a life from one thing to another. I can almost hear the DNA strands of my being, being reprogrammed to mirror a life that is different to the one I have known. It’s one that I’ve called in many times, and yet feared. It’s something to do with a deeper purpose.
Some say it has to do with this. According to Astrologists, the 16th of March marked the end of a very challenging cycle in our lives, that started in June 2012. When I read these dates, I can pinpoint exact moments that were like curveballs on fire aimed directly at me. For me, I can definitely say that is true. And what I want to focus on is just how different, easier, happier, lighter things feel now.
What I feel is most in alignment with my truth is this: “If you’ve been looking for a change the universe is about to deliver.” This is happening tonight and I can’t wait to snuggle up with my journal and do my New Moon New You manifesting ritual. Yep, some kind of mega change is definitely in the air. I am so delighted to revisit my hopes and dreams for the future, and to make a renewed commitment to my path and soul journey.
If I had to choose one word to sum up how I feel, it would be happy. If I could choose many they would be, heart-full, deeply blessed, humblingly grateful, connected, and deliriously happy! I feel like a whole other part of me has awoken and I’m getting to see a side of life that I’ve been missing out on in the past year.
I love the simplicity of life here, and how easy it is to feel full, whole and fulfilled. I love that I get wake up in the mornings, say hello to our kitten, and then walk outside to be greeted by our 5 hens and their 5, still perfectly warm, freshly laid eggs. Making breakfast with those fresh eggs is out of this world! I also love that all it takes is a 10 minute bike ride to get into town, and 10 minutes back to be in peaceful nature. There are amazing walking tracks all over Byron, not to mention the effervescent and spectacular beaches.
When I first got here, I was pulled into a vortex of stillness. Meaning that I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to lie on my bed and be. It felt incredibly counter-intuitive, not to mention counter-productive. And being human, I struggled with the sense of self-worth that comes with achievement. And thereby the lack of it which comes with the emptiness.
But I honoured the call. I laid still. And meditated. And baked and cooked delicious meals. Stole kisses. Danced barefoot under the stars. Swam at the beach. And allowed my heart to rest, and my soul to tell me secrets.
Which brought me to asking questions.
About my work.

  • How is this to keep growing and expand in a way that is healthy, beautiful, fun?
  • How do I do my work, and make sure what needs to be is done?
  • Where is my focus? Is that what’s truly important? How can I best serve?
  • And what is my motivation? Is it ego or love or passion or desire?

About my relationship.
In this new phase that I find myself in, I am in a relationship with a man who defies my palate for bad boys that add fire to parts of my ego and darkness, and instead brings a calm, deep sense of peace into my world. Those of you who have been journeying with me for a while now would remember what happened that fateful day my van blew up and a complete stranger held my hand and stood by my side. He hasn’t left since.
Yet I question my decisions and choices.

  • Do I actually want this, or am a falling for a social norm?
  • Does he have to fulfill all the criteria for my happiness? Or can I just accept and enjoy him the way he is and receive those other elements elsewhere?
  • Does it mean I have to settle one day, for a life with a house and a dog and chickens, or can there be a middle way, where I can travel on my own from time to time, and we can still both be happy and fulfilled?
  • Or is best that I walk away before our hearts and souls are intertwined any further? Is it better not to invest my love and life into something that could essentially be a travelling affair?
  • Will it be the same if we continue down this path? And how much will things change?

Intellectually, I don’t know the answers. And deep within, I know that it doesn’t even matter. That these questions are the egoic mind trying to take control and make sense of what is happening. And that all I need to do is keep showing up, and keep doing my work. I don’t need to know these things.
So instead, I have truly been living moment to moment, enjoying all that life has to offer. And I am so damn happy.
My mornings start with tea and writing, my days are filled with coaching calls, meetings and creative expression, my evenings end with yoga, walks, and swims at the beach. I recognise that a massive change is coming. One that I’ve been waiting for. It’s scary and yet I want it. I know it as part of my growth. My evolution as a human being.
And I know from experience, that these changes mean that I’ll be delving into some inner work again, as my choices and experiences are guided by my mindset. I choose freedom, I choose ease, I choose abundance, I choose joy, I choose fun, I choose spaciousness, I choose creativity, I choose connection, I choose love, I choose peace and I choose growth.
Which I am so delighted to share in this coaching program. Gypset Mindset is all about the inner changes that have to take place, in order to make this kind of life a sustainable, graceful and beautiful reality. I’ve just opened the door to my 6 week Gypset Mindset mentoring program this week, and it starts on Monday 30 March.
I’d love for you to join us. Find out more here.

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