A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Network Care, a form of chiro-practice. I promised to do a follow up and how this was going, and I was yesterday informed that I have made it through Level 1, I figured this was as good a time as any:

Session 1: I have quite a bit of discomfort in my shoulders and between my shoulder blades, this is where I most commonly hold stress. During the session I begin breathing more deeply and when I do I can hear and feel some of the bones in my upper back crack and fall back into place. I feel like I want stretch my shoulder blades apart until break.

Session 2: Following the session I feel a strong pain in the back left hand hip which is ongoing and the toes in my left foot go numb for a whole day.

Session 3. My chiropractor says my hip has moved dramatically which is great and explains the previous pain and numb sensations. I feel really angry for two days after this session.

Session 4. Apparently my upper back where people store a lot of anger is opening up. I am really sad and keep crying about my recent break up after this session. I have been having a lot of really intense dreams about various ex’s for the past 5 days.

Session 5. My chiro tells me I have released enormous amount s of tension in my upper back, especially around my heart. Funny! This totally explains my heart-break and dreams in the previous days.

Sessions 6 – 9. Different parts of my back are releasing and unblocking. My breath finally runs all the way down my body rather than being held mostly in the upper part. I have some emotional ups and downs, but life feels like is opening up for me much more, which means that I am opening up.

Session 10. At session 10 I receive a little update on how I’m progressing… Apparently I’m 70% through Level 1 which is a rapid improvement and most of the surface tension has been released which means that the chiro will start working deeper and increasing input to start releasing more of the history.

Sessions 11 – 15. My life has somehow sped up dramatically and I have much less time for introspection, however my chiro assures me that there is still plenty happening. One thing a do notice is little nuggets of guilt and anger from the past coming to the surface for processing and then dissipating.

Session 16. At the end of today’s session I was told that I have made it through Level 1 – I feel like I received a Gold Star on my homework!

Has my life changed? Definitely! Are these changes owing entirely to Network Care? Unlikely, as one of the reasons I chose to start the process was because I was already on the path to making changes, because I wanted them and I needed help. Nonetheless, the treatment as had an enormous impact on how I deal with things and has helped me work through them quickly. What has changed? I have no where near as much back ache or shoulder tightness as I used to. At the moment, any pains are generally due to deep, hidden tensions rising to the surface and releasing due to the process of Network Care.

More apparent is how I am feeling. Suddenly resistance has gone, I feel more myself and life is running at an higher octane: faster, smoother, on a higher vibration. Many of the thoughts or common stressors that would easily plague me previously haven’t surface in weeks and I feel much more at home within myself. I also have more energy and my appetite has taken it’s own path where on some days I have no hunger and I feel by body is in ketosis and cleansing itself, ¬†and on others I could eat everything. I have lost the craving for sweet things.

In general, I feel much more in the moment of every experience, and no longer recreate scenarios or actions out of habit or feeling that I “should”. The sense of urgency that I used to feel has gone and making choices that are entirely authentic to me are easy. Let’s see what Level 2 brings!

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