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Okay, let me explain myself, obviously I don’t mean a romantic crush cause that would just be weird, but the kind of crush that extends to people that you find inspiring, people you admire and that you think are doing really great things.

I have had issues with my back since forever, and different therapists have given it different reasons, but basically it’s just not as strong as it could be, as I would like it to be. The psychological background to this, according to Louise Hay is that I didn’t have enough emotional support when I was growing up which was true. But now I’m all grown up and can give myself everything I need! And so I’ve decided to start with my back. Literally.

I have tried various practitioners from chiros to naturopaths to osteopaths in the past. I’ve done hours and hours of yoga which I love and which does help, but in the end, my back still hurts like mad during times of stress. So I started doing some research and found out about Network Care.

According to Network Care when your body is stressed it reacts in a basic primitive way know as fright, flight, fight responses. Your back tenses, you shoulders pull forward and your body become more rigid as it prepares to either run or fight. But in modern life even though we have this response within our body we rarely if ever follow through with a run or a fight. And so you body keeps building these stress responses. “Most people begin storing tension and building up defensive stress responses from early childhood. Spinal pain and issues typically begin when when the body get to the point where it can’t ‘absorb’ any more stress or tension”.

What Network Care does is, with precise strategically placed touches and movements, let the brain know that it doesn’t need to have this primitive response any longer, and the body learns to release itself and feel ‘safe’. Your practitioner takes you through a series of levels and this is the best bit:

You grow increasingly self-correcting

Your body learns not to react to stress as much as well as learns how to find areas of tension in your body and let them go. “Once developed you keep these new strategies for life.” How great is that!

I am still at level one of my series, however have noticed incredibly changes already. My hips are back in line, I feel freer, lighter and exceedingly happy. Though this is definitely a combination of Network Care as well as some other factors in my life, I can really feel this working and am so excited and interested in what the future holds. If you are looking for something similar where you live try clicking on the Association for Network Care website.

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