Yes, you read it right: I have found The Perfect Mascara. And do not say this lightly. After all, makeup isn’t what I write about; what I write about is Very Important Life Stuff.
But sometimes, sometimes mascara is Very Important Life Stuff.
Be so kind, and allow me give you a little bit of a background story here.
Mascara is just one of those things, that make life a little bit sweeter, a little nicer, and quite honestly; that much sexier. But finding a mascara that doesn’t damage your fine and tender lashes is a whole different story.
As much as I love, prefer and mostly do use natural products, many of them simply do. not. work. Let’s be honest here. When it comes to makeup, many of them are downright horrendous.
Especially mascara. They flake. They smudge. They don’t look like you’re wearing mascara at all. Or they are so dry and grainy you feel like you’ve just picked some mud out of a puddle and are trying to smear it on.
As you can see, I’ve tested many, many tubes of mascara in my quest to find the perfect one: Natural. Moisturing. Long lasting. Midnight black. Dazzling. Curling. Lengthening. Lash-nourishing goodness.
And during these adventures my trusty mainstay has been Clinique’s High Lengths mascara. It goes on cleanly, I like the brush, it makes my eyes look like Bambi, and is the best mascara ever. Kind of.
Except for a couple of things. It’s packed full of chemicals. I’m not a fan of Clinique, because they really use some pretty evil stuff in their products. And I noticed that over time, my eyelashes were thinning out and getting sadder and drier. And I’m not even an everyday-loads-of-makeup user. So imagine how the girls who are, feel!
For many years my search continued until a couple of months ago, when I found, wait for it…..Organic Glam! After so many disappointments, I didn’t have high hopes but from the first use I was pleasantly, overwhelmed with how GOOD this mascara is!
Glides on smoothly, no clumps, feels like it’s nourishing my lashes with essential oils, can layered on for that glamorous pin-up girl look and made of natural, organic ingredients.
Organic Glam Natural Mascara is formulated with natural ingredients to create the the ultimate organic and natural mascara. Lash conditioning organic Aloe and beeswax along with vitamins A,E and C creates a fabulous mascara that curls, lengthens and conditions all in one. The formula is 60% organic and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and fragrances making it ideal for sensitive eyes and full on wearable glamour.
One coat of Organic Glams Mascara and lashes are full and defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled, and dramatic. Three coats help you achieve the most intense, black, multidimensional lashes possible.
A top quality mascara that does the work – lengthen, volume, does not flake, & stays put all night (till early morning). I find it better than Clinique mascaras and it performs just as good as Lancome. I bought mine from their website but the shipping cost me as much as the mascara, but thank heavens Naturisimo added it to their products (free shipping baby!).”
And that, my sweet dove, is the story of The Perfect Mascara.

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