I want to do what I love. But I don't where to start. Help!
Did you know that 80% of people hate their job? That means that only 2 out of 10 people happily waltz home each day, feeling totally fulfilled and content with what they do.
These figures are incredibly high, but not surprising.
We live in a world that values time invested over actual productivity, and having law-abiding citizens over getting creative out-of-the-box amazing results. I believe this is why there are so many deeply unhappy folk in the world. Because they haven’t been encouraged to discover what makes them shine their light, what turns them on, their purpose.
When my friends are overwhelmed and overworked, their beautiful spark starts to die, they have less time for the things they love, and their energy levels wane. Some of them even get really, really sick, because they are doing something that doesn’t serve them or their values. I remember a time in my own life, where I was doing jobs that I didn’t adore, and they left me feeling used, overwhelmed, disconnected and stressed. I hated it and spent most of my time, in those jobs, trying to figure how to get out of them!
Now, one of the things that I am most excited and proud of, is my work. I adore being able to do what I love: write, create and help people, in exactly my way. Even though it’s unconventional: traveling the world, writing, meeting amazing new people, coaching and having an online business full-time, is unlike any other work that people do, but it lights me up. I am excited every single day about what I get to do and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.
I often receive emails saying “I want to do what I love. But I don’t where to start. Help!”
The answer to this question would take more time than I can muster right now. So when Fernanda contacted me and said “Hey, I’m starting a revolution: a Do What You Love Revolution!” I was smitten. She asked me to speak on embodying freedom in your life and business, and I very happily obliged. You can watch my talk on Day 4!
The Do What Your Love Revolution is a free week-long summit starting August 17, 2015, and each day you can listen to experts share all they key tips and tools on how you can do what you love.
Reserve your free spot at the Do What You Love Revolution summit here.
I am very, very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are doing what they love. And if they’re not doing what they love yet, are willing and curious and ready to learn. I think that you might just be one of them. Come. Join us!
Worried that you can’t make it this week and will miss out? Never fear.
Behold: Get your VIP pass to the Do What You Love Revolution, and never miss a thing.
I am a huge believer in living your life purpose, with spirit, with love and with flamboyance. We are creative, sensual, incredible beings with this unlimited well of potential in each and every single one of us. When you give yourself permission to tap into that, and allow it flow out and be shared with the world, you are not only doing yourself a huge favour, but also adding that missing element to our world, that only you can provide. Are you ready to do what you love?
Join me.
Image by EyesofLovePhotography.com

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