I want to help people. + Travel. + I don't know how to start. (View from my villa in Ubud, Bali.)
Hey Vienda,
just want to say that all your posts are so inspiring; you are beautiful!
I wanted to ask you some advice, since I’m traveling all the time ( because it feels so good): I really want to find a way to help people even though I’m not physically in one place. You are the only one (I know) that does that, so I was looking for some tips. I don’t really know where to start. I have so many ideas, but don’t really know how to put them together, + I’m used to work with my patients one to one, physically.
I feel like I really need to help; it’s an urge inside me. I want to help people. + Travel. + I don’t know how to start.
Lots of love,
My sweet Mey,
Thank you for your gorgeous note.
One thing that I am completely certain of, is that each and every single one of us, are put onto this planet to have a positive impact on the world, and help one another.
Figuring out how to do that, is a challenging journey of self-discovery, all of its own. It means that you need to really look closely at your values, skills, talents, passions, what people will pay for and what you really would love to do, and find the sweet spot that factors all those elements into it.
It also means getting really creative in what you can offer and how.
These days, we live in an age where information is power, knowledge is what drives our world, and being empowered through choice and understanding gives us strength and comfort.
Here’s my advice:

  • Start brainstorming and writing down all the ways that you can provide value and help people, without having to physically be in one place, all the time. Write down at least 50 ideas, and then choose your top 5. Start doing them. Action over contemplation works every time, because it’s that fastest way to find out what works, and what doesn’t.


  • Read the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. It’s über-practical, and he gives so many great, tangible ideas and examples of different ways to create a location independent life and business. Since you’re traveling, download it onto your tablet or Kindle, ’cause it’s massive!


  • Plant the seed now. I remember, 7 years ago, I was wandering through the streets of Barcelona, with a friend, and said to her “I wish I could create a job that allows me to do work I love, and travel, wherever, whenever I want.” I planted that seed in my wish, and even though I already was doing work that allowed to travel at the time (working at music festivals) it wasn’t fulfilling my soul purpose. Ever since then, I’ve been adjusting and refining, to find that perfect sweet spot for myself. It all starts with a seed.


  • Look for signs that guide you in the direction of what you are wanting to do: help people + travel. Once you decide that that is what you want to do, the Universe will provide a pathway of solutions and opportunities. The caveat here, is that you remain open to them, and don’t block them with fears of failure, or a lack of self-worth. This is where practicing the art of manifesting and getting out of your own way, comes in really handy.


  • Support yourself with resources. If you want to create a financially and soulfully fulfilling location independent lifestyle, you need resources on how that could work. There are many mindset practices that can help you on your way, like believing that you can be of service, without physically being in the same place as your patients, and finding ways to help and empower them, that don’t require your face or your touch. This is where The Gypset Adventure program really is helpful. Doors are currently closed, but we will be re-opening them as a do-it-when-you-can course in a few months. In the meantime, start seeking out books, articles and other resources that support the new direction that you want your life to take.

This is a really exciting time for you, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold for you, as you explore the edges of your own life-experiences to uncover how you can begin to help people, no matter where you are.

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