The other day a friend of mine asked me “If you had one wish, what would you wish for?”.
I thought short, but hard about it.
The commons ramblings came up in my mind:
“World peace. A million dollars. No, wait, a never-ending pot of money, I mean a million dollars isn’t really that much anymore….” And so on…
And then I said, out aloud:
“I want everyone to be happy.”
This is why…
Because if everyone WAS completely and totally inner-peace-type-contented-happy, we would have peace; happy people can’t be bothered fighting each other, and money wouldn’t matter; because everyone would be treated fairly and would have more than enough of everything and anything that we needed. And so on…
So, right now, that’s my mission.
To help people become so joy-filled, self-approved, on-purpose, soulful, unbelievably happy with who they are, and how their live shows up; and completely accepting of themselves and others, that all the wishes we could ever think of would dissolve because true happiness is all that matters.
And to do so by being a living example as well.
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

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