Sometimes I like to play this game.
If I was queen of the world I would….
Luckily I am clever enough to know that the world is perfect just as it is, that the things that are out of balance are for us to learn from and grow and evolve as a species, and also, if I really was Queen of the World, well, then we would all be in trouble because it’d be a dictatorship and we all know how those end up!
But, just for fun, let’s be all idealistic and dreamful today and pretend that we know best…
If I was Queen of the World I would….
Make sure everyone started their day with yoga. It would be implemented into school and work systems and at your local community and simply just be part of everyone’s day. You wake up, you go to school, work or you local community park or hall and do a yoga class, followed by a delicious and nutritiously dense breakfast. Everyone all together.
I would completely change the education system. The one we have right now sucks ass! Kids should be learning about money, self realisation and self love, how to grow organic gardens and how to build eco-friendly structures and nurture and nourish themselves and their community just as much as they need to learn how to read and count. There’s so much missing in the current schooling system and I feel like it’s just churning out spoon-fed robots ready to work in factories without every having their own creative and independent thoughts. I recognize my rant is a little extreme here but you get my gist!
People would be educated on health, nutrition, self healing, and alternative healing and medicine would be available for everyone and our entire world would focus on being optimally healthy at all times. Therefore this business that the medical system has created would no longer be supported and we place our energy towards actually improving everyone’s quality of life rather than just keeping them sick and barely alive.
We would all KNOW that life is supposed to be a sweet, sweet dream full of ease, happiness and beauty. Heaven exists right here on Earth. We are already in Nirvana. This constant striving and self punishment is moving us further away rather than closer to our truth. Life is not meant to be difficult and a test of will and ego. We ARE life, so we are meant to be in the flow and full bloom and swing of it.
Everyone would have access to beautiful living conditions, organic fresh produce, and information on how to grow and heal themselves. For this, I am quite enamoured with the Internet. This platform gives us such a powerful network of authorities on any topic we want to learn about and grow in. But there are still many, many people in all of the world who don’t have access to clean water to drink, healthful foods to eat, comfortable and safe shelter, let alone education or Internet access. We are a global community and it is up to each and every one of us to help each other and contribute in a positive way.
If I was Queen of the World, there would be no wars, and all the money that is being spent by every government currently on warfare and terrorism, would be spent on peace and nurturing all of humanity. There are so many people crying out for help, dealing with mental illnesses, suffering from the insanity of living in an insane world. This can change. In saying that however, I often feel that the best place to start is with each and every one of us. When we bring peace, love and happiness into our lives, there’s not room for pain, anger and suffering. If every single person on this planet healed themselves. There would be no reason for wars. No one would be hard or disconnected enough to allow that to happen as we all come from a place of love, softness and connectedness with the Infinite.
We would all work to our strengths, our desires, our passions. I believe it is a finite part of human nature to:
a) be creative and
b) help others.
We are made to be like this. And I’m quite certain that if we were all allowed to move in the direction of our nature and do the work that is coming through us. Right now, people commonly consider their “work” to simply be a means to earn the money they need to live life the way they have been taught is The Way. What if we dropped all of that? I have a feeling that, like pieces in a puzzle, like a giant living organism working together, we would all fit into place and our work would be our purpose in this life, driven by heart and passion, serving the entirety of our connected world. One gorgeous soul supporting another. Each one of us having a place on this planet and work that we love to do, from which we thrive and blossom.
If I were Queen of World, there would be much more of a life balance. What happened to enjoying your life! I feel like so many people are slaves of the system right now. A system that does not support, nurture or provide for its people. This fact makes me sad and sick at the same time as I observe the millions of people who don’t feel they have a choice and are simply victims of the system. Luckily, I don’t believe in victims, what I do believe is that when people recognise that they DO have a choice, that when they take a look into their own hearts, they are willing to take the leap and make a change.
This is my work in this world: I am an instrument of change for people. I tend to come into people’s lives just as they are approaching the threshold of awakening, and I gently take them by the hand jump into the deep abyss of glorious wonderment. Over and over and over again.
And I was Queen of the World, everyone would be given the opportunity to awaken. What is wonderful is that, everyone does already.
If you were Queen of the World, what would the World look like? Please do share your vision in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to share your dreamscape and be inspired by you

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