1. I was born in Austria. And am half Italian due to my father, whom I look alike, although I spent much of my childhood growing up in Noosa, Australia.
2. When I was 12 I ran away from home with my baby sister in tow, and grand plans of getting a job and supporting us, full of dreams of a new life. I made it as far as the end of the drive way.
3. I love vegetables. I always have. Except for aubergines, aka eggplants. They’re so slimy and weird! I have a thing about textures when it comes to food.
4. I was so fed up with school and so ready to finish that I decided to complete my final two years; 11 and 12, by distance education in one year, at the age of 16 going on 17.
5. I have a good ear for imitation. Be careful!
6. I’ve been journalling since the age of 10. But I did not not realise my love and passion for writing was unique until I was 24. I thought everyone writes as much and as avidly as I did.
7. I have lived in: Salzburg; Austria, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Florence; Italy, Noosa, Cairns, Sydney & Melbourne; Australia and travelled throughout 27 countries since childhood. Many countries have been repeat offenders in my journeys. It’s my gypsy blood that courses through me and compels me to seek out the truth, beauty and love of the Earth.
8. I really dislike ball games. And balls in general. Except for edible balls….like rice balls and chocolate bliss balls. (I make really fantastic ones!)
9. I love boys/men. I love how fun and playful and silly hanging out with my male counterparts can be and I am blessed to have lots of inspiring friendships with men in my life. But when the proverbial shit hits the fan, and I really need help, it’s the powerful, intelligent and incredible women in my life that I turn to. The feminine energy of our modern women truly rock my world.
10. I like to smell things. When no one is looking I like to smell what my environment smells like. Paper. Cotton. Food. Leather. Drinks. Tickets. Music. Everything…
11. I don’t have toe nails on either of my baby toes. A very sweet boyfriend I once had said it meant that I was more evolved because we don’t actually need them. I like to agree!
Your turn! If I really knew you, what would I know about you?

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