I'm closing my 1:1 mentoring spaces for 2016.
Late last year, while I was traveling from Australia, to Bali, back to Australia and then on to New Zealand, I wore myself down to the ground and exhausted every tiny ounce of my energy, trying to do all the things. Travel, explore, be adventurous, be a fun girlfriend and lover, show up 1,000,000 percent for my 1:1 clients, keep up with social media and writing articles, run a business and so on.
I ended up feeling overwhelmed, sad and like I sucked at life. It was awful.
I promised myself never to ravage my energy resources like that again. Even though I have been travelling with my business since I started it, 3 years ago, it had never compounded before, in the way it did last year. I had more clients, more travel, was moving around more rapidly, plus a partner-in-love-and-adventures to be present for. It simply became too much.
I learned that I need space and time, in all the elements; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to function at me best. It means that when I travel with my work, I do so slowly. When I work one on 1:1 with folk, I have the space to connect with them at a heart-and-soul level. And adventures are slow fuel for inspired writing and sharing.
We live in a world that glorifies “busyness”. Being busy means that you are important: valued, cared about, loved, popular, successful, and generally a big deal. Yet those metrics keep us out if sync with our lives and often take us further away from what we truly value and desire: connection, love, belonging, creativity, expression, beauty and joy.
What I want to glorify is “freedom”. And the truth is “freedom” rarely stems from “busyness”. For me “freedom” is excelling at the things that bring me joy. It means having more than enough time for the people who mean the world to me. It means that creativity take priority over paperwork. “Freedom” lies in the mastery of living life as defined by intuition and love.
So when new travel plans were being made for this year, I knew it was the divine occasion to do things differently, and create more space.
On the 17th of September we hit the road again, doing the long-coveted road trip around the south and north islands of New Zealand for 3 weeks. And then flying to Asia to spend the rest of the year exploring the oceans, jungles and temples of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I literally cannot stop thinking about pineapples every time I look at the world map to see where we are going! And then Canada early next year. Brrrr. It’ll be my first real, real, real winter, in a very, very long time.
I’m pretty ecstatic about it all.
Over those 4 months I will still be writing stories and sharing photos from all the beautiful places that we explore. But I won’t be working in a 1:1 capacity with any mentoring clients.
Saturday 11 June, I’m closing my 1:1 mentoring spaces for 2016.
I still have 6 spots available in my 3 month programs for this year.


  • 6 x 45 min Skype calls + follow-up material
  • $960  USD

One-on-one mentoring for free-spirited souls at the onset of your online business, to help you hone in on how to begin, do what you love, and be profitable. Sessions can include: Personal Branding, Emotional Engineering, Marketing, Social Media, Website, Content, Action Plans, Money, Overcoming Fear.




  • 6 x 45 min Skype calls + follow-up material
  • $960 USD

Full-scale spirit-infused life coaching and mentoring to support you in clearing away the past, and doing the deeper inner work required to set yourself free. Sessions can include: Identifying Blocks, Limited Beliefs + Past Conditioning, Negative Patterns, Self-Awareness Practices, Tools to Release + Heal, Big Dream Exercises, Action Plans.


If you are interested in working with me 1:1, this year, now is a good time to jump on that chance. The best way to learn more is to email me directly, and we will arrange a free discovery call to chat and make sure we are the right fit.
Again, my email is: studio@viendamaria.com.
Photography by Luke Marshall Images.

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