I'm closing my public Facebook page.
Two weeks ago, I sat down one morning and opened Facebook. I have two pages. One for business. One for personal. As I travelled between the two, posting different posts, and sharing the same links, I felt annoyed, frustrated, and confused. It made me feel like I had a split personality.
The truth is, ever since I asked you what it is you wanted, I have come to realise that you are just like me. You want honesty, authenticity, inspiration, creativity, to learn and to be entertained. Having two separate “personalities” or “pages” on Facebook doesn’t feel honest or authentic to me any more. I actively dislike having two manage two spaces on one social media channel, when all I really want to do, is connect with you, like a friend.
As a result, I have decided to close my public Facebook page at the end of this month. And instead, welcome you to join me on my personal page instead. The way I see it, Facebook is an information sharing network, and so privacy has never been an issue in my mind, and the page has always been open for anyone to view.
I am looking forward to the simplicity, creativity, space, and further honesty this will bring to both my world and yours. As a closet minimalist, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier, more simple, and to create increasing space and time in my days, so I can focus on what’s truly important: living life.
And while I endlessly appreciate the incredible connective power of platforms such as Facebook, which brings me so much joy and pleasure, I also acknowledge the necessity to prioritize the things that allow me to keep growing and being inspired. Remember: while the online world is absolutely fascinating, it is the physical world that inspires the content that we are so enthralled by.
Over the next few weeks, I will be posting less and less, and slowly moving things over to my main page. As of now, all Instagram posts are already being directed there, and soon all blog posts will only be shared in this space, as well as my regular feed of comments, entertaining observations and insights.
I’d love you to come over, and connect and share with me there.
Plus, you have options: if you feel drawn to me as a “friend” simply friend me, or if you want to keep your world private you can choose “follow” and will still have all the same content and the ability to comment and connect with me, in your feed.
A third alternative (my personal favourite) is to sign up for my weekly-ish love letter. That way you stay in the know, get all my latest blog posts conveniently in an email, and are savvy to exclusive insights and offers.
Thank you for your boundless and generous support and understanding as I navigate the changes that are unfolding at present.

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