There is a time in a woman’s life, where she might look at herself, and the years that have gone past, and wonder… Wonder about how everything has come to unfold. Wonder why some of the things she wanted have felt so hard to reach. Wonder why other things seemed to just, miraculously fall into her lap.
In these wonderings, what she will discover, is that there is a kind of co-creation at play.
We call this kind of co-creation: Manifesting. It also has other names, like the law of attraction; day-dreaming; wishing; magic; rituals; witchcraft.
See how familiar this all is?
This new way of being and co-creating the life that you desire into the world is done through the action of surrender.
For too long, many of us have gone into overdrive to plan everything. We were taught to believe that when we organise, schedule and calculate meticulously, we can control outcomes and avoid surprises. It is how we try to numb the negative thoughts and try to manage our neurosis’. But this means that we never fully felt at ease, always reacting, fearful, and disappointed when our well-laid plans turned out to be futile.
This recognition… The understanding that life isn’t so linear, but a connection to thoughts, feelings, spirit, insight, intuition, and the energy with which we show up in life, is the beginning of understanding manifesting.
In the beginning, this journey usually begins with a journey into ourselves. It begins by loving, honouring, claiming our own bodies, our hearts and soul.
This is when we discover the reality that the universe is our strongest ally. It is our fears, and not the world around us, that are out to get us.  By giving up the story that our world is unsafe, we come into a pure trusting that we are held and cherished by the universe. And so we no longer predict our future from a place of fear. 
In the process of learning about co-creating; about how manifesting works, we are becoming relaxed and confident. We start to be in a loving, co-creative relationship with our world. And we learn that as we relax into trust, our deepest desires show themselves to us, and light up our path.
So we learn more. How to ask. How to let go. And how to receive. We can now wait without despairing. Learning how to manifest, we are getting an insight into the inner workings of the universe. Our deepest plan already exists. And we can begin to see that now.
I, like all of us, have been manifesting since the time that I can recall my first thoughts. But conscious manifesting, is quite different to unconscious manifesting. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I discovered the empowering magic of co-creating, and manifesting with the universe. Since then, it has become an integral part of my day-to-day life and actions.
Like all things, manifesting is an art, a skill, and an adventure. It is something that you can learn, and then learn deeper and deeper. Like the universe, the concept of co-creation is limitless and expansive. It’s something that I am still learning.
So when, 18 months ago, I wrote a blog post about how to manifest your desires by writing notes to the universe, I wasn’t surprised when sweet, inspired folks wrote to me, telling me how much they enjoyed the process. But I was absolutely baffled when, a few months ago, I discovered that there were 1000’s and 1000’s of email being sent to this manifesting email address.
Learn more about what happened next, in this video. In the beginning…. How the incredibly exciting, heart-burst-wide-open, Manifest More Digital eCourse (arriving at a good computer near you soon) came about.

So, that’s how the incredibly exciting, heart-burst-wide-open, Manifest More Digital eCourse (arriving at a good computer near you soon) came about.
And when I say coming soon, I mean it: the course begins on Monday the 14th of September, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a lot more about manifesting, and the Manifest More course, and how you can join in.
I’d love to have you on this journey, alongside me, if it calls you!

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