Some time ago ….. almost 2 years ago in fact, I was travelling through India for 5 months. I had been meaning to take part in a Vipassana 10 Day Mediation course for some time, and finally here was my chance, as these can be found scattered all over India. There is even a mediation centre at the Bodhi Tree where Buddha was supposed to be enlightened. The 10 Day Meditation course is, you guessed it, 10 days of meditating, however in silence. When taking part everyone must take a vow of silence, from the beginning to the end. You would think that not speaking for 10 days would be the most challenging part, however it is not at all! Everyone I have spoken to agrees that the most difficult thing is sitting still for all those hours. I will tell you more about it another time.
This experience may have been simultaneously one of the most difficult as well as most rewarding processes in my entire life … There is a true relief from living in such a simple, still and accepting way. Being in the present moment for 10 days without anything to worry about, the mind begins to wander and find all sorts of things to think about, consider and amuse itself with. You begin to realise that the mind can be akin to a small child, selfish and demanding, unless we learn to use it as a tool. When we realise that our thoughts are separate to our essence, and that they are only thoughts, nothing more, we realise our freedoms in this life and world.
However, at the same time our minds are wonderful, they organise our lives, remember all our important dates, and so on, and when we learn how to use our thoughts to our best advantage, life becomes easier, more fluid, lighter and happier. I would recommend reading You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay for more details on exactly how to do this.
Meditation (I really don’t like using the word because it has a sort of weird new-age connotations, however for lack of a better one …) has been an important part of my life for quite a few years now, there is nothing more relaxing, refreshing and supportive of my being, which helps me grow and learn and enjoy, that I can do. In my daily practice, I normally meditate just after I have woken and before I go to sleep. This feels best to me and sets me up for a great day. Try it! It’s easier and funner than it sounds. Just relax in any position that is most comfortable to you and breath, let go of all the thoughts, let them pass …. and just feel what if feels like to be. Simple…
You can do it!

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