Get excited darlings!
I’m adding a new element to the blog this year in a form of an interview series named Be Inspired.
Every week, on a Friday I will post up an interview of someone who is doing incredible work in this world, really sharing their gifts and talents, as well as inspiring us with their unique wisdom, insights and knowledge on life, passion and money.
I have hand picked each of these individuals because they have added so much richness to my life experience and I sincerely admire the unique ways they choose to live their lives. These people are truth-seekers, freedom-warriors and live their lives on their own terms. They are independent thinkers who have chosen a life outside of the box and are carving their pathways of life as they move forward by living in the present moment as much as they can, cultivating awareness and listening to their hearts and intuitions.
Please be inspired and enjoy all the wisdom and insights these incredible people have to share and feel free to ask questions in the comments section below each post, or on Facebook or Twitter.
Do you know someone inspiring or do you have a wealth of unique opinions and visions you’d like to share? Get in touch with me at!
Love, freedom, beauty & happiness,
Vienda x

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