I was sitting outside on a picnic table with a sweet friend of mine, after going to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning.
And she told me a story. A story I’ve heard many times before. “This happened to me. And then this happened. And then this happened. And it’s destroying my life!”
And I looked her in the eyes, and said in my loving I’m-your-friend-but-also-life-coach voice “Baby, I know these things are happening to you, and they feel really real. And allow me to let you in on a little secret. We are the makers of our lives. And this thing that you’re experiencing? It’s a pattern. Something you’ve learnt when you were an innocent child. Something that your repeating. And something that you have the power to end.”
And because she is smart, and beautiful and amazing, she leant in and asked “how?!”.
How do you end those patterns that are creating chaos in your lovely life?
I’ll tell you how. In 5 steps.
1. Become aware of exactly what the pattern is. (You’ll recognise it because it’s, ermmm, repetitive. Such is the nature of patterns.) You’ll notice that you’ve experienced a similar encounter or incident in a variety of different circumstances.
2. Set an intention that you are ready and want to let go of this pattern because it is in no-way, nope not at all, serving you anymore. Ask for help and guidance to allow this to happen as quickly and smoothly as possible from whatever ethereal powers you prefer. I like to commune directly with Spirit, but some people like to pass it by their angels or pet aliens.
3. Make like an anthropologist and find the root, the cause, the beginning of this pattern, and uncover all that it held within it. Remember and release. Journaling it all out, what happened, how you felt, and why, can be useful at this point.
4. Make a conscious choice to forgive yourself and all others who were involved in the this original situation, and then all the encounters thereafter that were a product of this initial one. Patterns occur because there are lessons for us to learn and if we don’t pass the test, we have to sit it again. (Damn it!)
5. Reprogram your mind, and decide how you’d like life to look like in the future. Write it out, be poetic, draw and paint it, dream board it. Whatever turns you on, and makes you feel full, fresh, bright, inspired and happy.
And then move on.
Let go, and create your life from the present rather than the past.
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