What we give ourselves permission for, transforms our lives. 
Are you ready to finally give yourself permission to create that life and business you love?
Join us for the #SHEISREADY Masterclass!
Last year Hayley Carr and I held a really awesome, free google hangout called ‘She Is Free’ that ran waaay over time. Many of you would know about that of course, because you were there!
(Thank you again. You’re response and inspired presence blew us away!)
One of our viewers wrote in afterwards and said:
“Could you share with us exactly what it took for you to create the lives and businesses you have now? How did you start making real money, what did you have to let go of, what were the major changes and turning points, and how did you continue to move forward when creating your dream life seemed impossible?”
We thought that was a pretty damn great idea. So that’s exactly what we are doing.


The ‘She Is Ready’ Masterclass. 
We hope that it makes your life easier, and your big dreams and business plans all the more achievable.
In the She Is Ready masterclass, we will share with you 7 ways we gave ourselves permission to:

  1. Make more money
  2. Walk away when necessary – from the really good, and super comfortable, to a potential great. (Including relationships, love, friendships, countries, job opportunities, business deals, and sometimes even family.)
  3. Say no to the things that didn’t serve us, even when it makes others uncomfortable (Hint: You can do this in a loving way.)
  4. Say yes to the things that really scared us, but felt right.
  5. Speak our truth, be authentic and unapologetic for who we are
  6. Follow our intuition, even when it doesn’t make logical sense and all evidence is against the odds.
  7. Shine – to step up and allow ourselves to be seen

Plus, it’s free!
One more thing:
It’s on: Sunday 1 February at 11am SYD (EST) // Or Saturday 31 Janurary 4pm L.A. (PST) // 7pm N.Y. (EST). Depending on your timezone (obviously). Sign up here.
And all you need is an internet connection and a comfy chair.
Plus, if you can’t make the live call, we will send you a copy of the recording.
(Ok, so that was three things. Oops!) We would love to ‘see’ you there.

YOU ARE READY to create a life and business you love. Let us show you how we did it!

That’s all for today, friends. BIG, big love. xo

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