Something that I am certain of beyond all else is that for us to live in a world that reflects freedom, acceptance and unity, we have to change the way we “do” life. That’s why I provide tangible frameworks  — creative maps — to help you decipher a new path to tread.
I work with two types of women:
— 1. Women who find themselves at a paradoxical crossroads and know that the old way of living is no longer for them but feel terrified about stepping into the unknown. I help them overcome their limitations, identify their true hearts longing and provide them with a practical step-by-step plan into their new future.
— 2. Creative women who find themselves either at the very beginnings of their business dreams, or a year or two in, and are wanting to finally step up and do great things in the world through their work.
I normally work with these women over a period of 3-6 months because it gives us the time we often need to dive deeply into the work we are here to do. But after my Creative Intensive sessions in London I’ve been longing to provide the same kind of concise creative maps to folks in single session formats.
Behold: 1 hour Creative Mapping Sessions for the month of July.
During a session we can: get clear on what you actually want in your life and how to get there, resolve relationship issues or distressing experiences, work on your creative project or business idea, review and spruce up your website, get unstuck around something you want to manifest, develop an exit plan from your current life and a leap-of-faith plan into a new one, structure a year of wanderlust-satisfying travel (and ways to support it), decide on how you want to reinvent yourself, outline your book, brainstorm a long list of blog-post or podcast ideas, generate the structure for a workshop or course, provide you with the inspiration to go for your dreams, and so on.
You will get:
— 1 hour of time with me
— a recording of our creative mapping session
— follow-up notes in an email outlining your next steps
— and a hand-drawn (by me) PDF of your creative mind-map to stick on the wall
If this sounds exciting for you, book your Creative Mapping Session with me, HERE.
When you book your session make sure you fill out the top 3 things/projects that you’d like to focus on while we’re working together. Spaces for the Creative Mapping Session are limited and this July special, as you may have guessed, is only happening for the month of July.
If you have questions, please email me at If you were wondering about working with me on a longer basis, I have 1 mentoring spot left. You can learn more about what that looks like here.


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