How To Know A Gypset Soul

Your soul is not a passive or a theoretical entity that occupies a space in the vicinity of your chest cavity. It is a very positive, purposeful force at the core of your being. It is that part of you that understands the impersonal nature of the energy dynamics in which you are involved, that loves without restriction and accepts without judgment. | Gary Zukav

At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders.
I often get emails and questions from you gorgeous gypsy-girls and guys asking more about how to know your own soul. I love this question, because it means that there is already some kind of knowing, a force within you, that is asking you to explore further.
Today I am sharing exactly what it takes to know your own soul. You are going to use your heart to tread on the simple path to the temple that dwells deep within you. This topic is very special. We are going commune with the soul.
First, let’s just get clear on this: We are Spiritual beings. We are not bodies having a Soul, we are Soul having bodies. Our aim, in life, is to deeply connect with our soul. In your soul is stored all the strengths you need to meet the challenges of your life; confidently and creatively. It is the source of your power.
Connecting to your soul is a divine act that brings you in touch with love, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Your soul communicates with you, your desires, your purpose. They are urgings that rise from deep within Self. Through your deep desires, your soul motivates you and directs you. You desire to be loved, your desire to help others, your desire to shine.
This is how you do it. How to know a gypset soul:

  • Slow down. Like, right down. Slow down so much, you can hear your own heart-beat, and languish in the essence that makes you, you. In this crazy, busy world we live in, it’s hard to hear yourself breathing, let alone connecting with your soul.
  • Take time to just be. Be present in the moment, sit in your body and just feel what it feels like, to be you.
  • Listen. Listen to the words, the sounds, the thoughts that come from deep within. Beyond the endless chatter of our everyday mind. Hear it out for those golden nuances, that surprise you as they whisper past.

The more you take the time, attention and energy to enhance your awareness and connect to your deep desires, the clearer and stronger they become. With time and practice you will learn to discern between the ego and the soul.
Ego desires bring temporary fulfilment at best, whereas soul desires bring lasting fulfilment. As you connect to your soul desires, your soul will respond and open more lines of communication with you. This is not only exciting but also very empowering. It is a major step in co-creating and manifesting your life with aspects that are more powerful, more intelligent and more knowing than the human personality alone.
These concepts are just a glimpse into the kinds of thoughts and ideas that I cover in the #GypsetMindset 6 week mentoring course, starting on Monday 10 November. It’s essential that we get to know who we truly are, and learn to embody our whole selves, which includes every aspect. Yep, including your soul.
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