last chance (TMT 2022) 🔚

Over the past month, I have been sharing pieces of my heart and soul with you as an invitation to the next extension of the work that I am doing. After 8+ years of working with, teaching and mentoring 1,000s of souls, I am offering you a methodological insight into the workings of how I do it. The Mentor Training program closes enrolments at midnight tonight. This is your last chance.

Across this very creative period of time, I have shared my perspective, context and the many journies I have been on, that have led me to this moment here. Let me reiterate them for you. Just in case you missed one, or want to reread another.

I was fired by my first therapist / How I learned emotional fluency — a story that led me to really understand how to communicate with an open and vulnerable heart, and thereby create space for those around me to do the same.

it’s time to live in integrity & the time is now — a short excerpt from an email I sent to a private client. I had a feeling that someone else, maybe you, needs to read these words too.

come together — I am on an assignment to reclaim this sense of coming together. Teaching, learning and growing together, both in the physical world and in the digital. We live in a time with more access to information and different types of tribes than ever before. We can find our people across thousands of kilometres of land, seas and cultures. We can discover more in an hour on google than ever before. But what is missing is the container to hold all these pieces together. A space where we are seen, met and held through our evolution and integration.

the difference between mentoring, coaching & therapy — Self-actualisation doesn’t involve perfection or things always going smoothly. You can become self-actualized and still face difficulties. But it’s not something you can do alone. You will always be influenced by the level of guidance, support and mentorship you receive.

10 steps to figure out your ‘thing — We have jointly decided that the status quo just won’t do. No. Thank you. Because we know… We are here to bring each other home. We are here to perform tiny miracles. Every day. But what if you don’t know where to begin? What if… you don’t know how to bring your things to life? So that you are doing your thing and you are working?

life, anew — I’ve realised that the real work is in clearing the way. Always. It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? That the only way to move forward is to stop and look around at what we have always done and decide whether that’s actually what we want in our lives. And then to clear the path through facing our truth, burning it down, clearing the blocks/beliefs/ideologies that we then recognise as false.

reading between the lines — There is so much happening within and without us. Subtle, nuanced, ethereal energetic shifts that our neural pathways can only catch as a side glance and our mother-tongue languages miss altogether. But it is here. An inner knowing, a constant wide awake and watchful awareness for these mysterious that we are born into bone and flesh of. When you are interacting with another, you are offering them an opportunity to interpret their personal reality — how they have been shaped and defined — through the mirror of your presence and Being. One energetic sequence activates and reflects another. A relationship holier than words but defined by the limitations of communication.


P.S. This is your last chance to join TMT.

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