I am passionately interested in the way our beliefs, habits, patterns and thoughts form the world around each of us. It’s fascinating how different a web of reality each of us can spin around us. What I have noticed is that the less we hold onto — the less attachment we have — to things being a certain way, the more space we create for something altogether beautiful and magical to flow into our lives.
It’s when we crack open the pathways to the unknown that life really starts to take form in ways that are no longer defined by the limitations of the human mind… the things that we believe to be true simply because we were once told they are and as a result have experienced them over and over and over again until they form a kind of truth for us, a solid beliefs system in our cells that replays itself.
That’s why I love travelling so much. It provides us with an opportunity to disengage from those patterns and gives us the gift of self-reflection where we can ask ourselves 3 important questions:
Is this really true?
Does it serve me?
Do I want to continue in this way?
Travel acts like a truth serum. It is the best cure for being self-centred and close-minded.
Through travel, you step beyond those limitations created by living in your own bubble and experience the wealth of possibilities in the world. Your approach moves away from being culturally defined to being universal. It’s an opening of the heart. Non-travellers are more susceptible to being stuck in their monotonous patterns. Travelling jolts us awake. So we learn to see ourselves and others in such a different light, and thereby expand our mindsets and the possibilities available to us in life.
Travel not only invites us to see the world anew, it gives us a fresh look at ourselves.
The greatest benefit of travelling is the unique view it gives you of who you are a human being in this world. By placing you outside of yourself, travel provides you with an objective view of what you have been habitually doing, as well as the anonymity to risk new ways of being in the world. It challenges you to rise up and become someone far more in alignment with your dreams and values.

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