As you’ve noticed I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks.
I took a much needed break. I let go of all my commitments, tuned into my life flow and dropped out of the standard lifestyle.
You may remember from my post a few weeks ago here, that I was uncertain which steps to take next. I was dealing with a lot of cognitive dissonance within my personal relationships, my commitments and what I want for myself. This happens from time to time and I welcome it because it’s usually a signal that I’m going through enormous growth and coming to a new level of my life experience and what I am creating with my thoughts, beliefs and actions.
It’s been very interesting to observe the amount of people, people whom I know love me very, very much are resisting my current choice to let go of controlling my life and my environment. They are afraid for me and worry. I’m not sure exactly about what.
But I know, deep within myself that I am always okay. I am always taken care of, even when things appear unusual or uncertain. I have this strong trust in life and in my power to manifest everything that I need and want because I see it happen every day.
So, I’m sure you’re curious to find out what I’ve been up to!
I’m in Portugal right now. On the 26th of July I booked a flight after receiving a ticket gifted from a friend to go to the alternative lifestyle and music festival known as Boom which is held every 2 years. This was my third one. I used to work at these sort of events , they feel like home to me and are a wonderful place to connect with exceptional and beautiful people who share an expansive mindset and are willing to explore their inner worlds as much as the external world.
After Boom I spent a few days helping pull down one of the areas before heading back to the “real world” and have been in Lisbon since last night.
I love Lisbon, it’s full of beautiful architecture and art and of course it’s summer here so the weather is just lovely. I feel very grateful and blessed to be able to have this experience right now and am enjoying the days immensely.
What’s next? We will find out!

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