I was having this conversation with one of my coaching clients a few weeks ago. We were both saying how we felt that 2015 was really going to be revolutionary. That it is the year that we are going to bring it, and life is going to just flow with grace and ease.
And then we both commiserated the fact that we had both made these kind of predictions at this time last year. And though 2014 was full of beauty and miracles, it was also a wild, bucking horse-ride, which involved lots of hanging on for dear life.
The insight that I had from the revelation however was that 2013 rolled into 2014 without much closure. The shit from the year before flowed in through to the next year, because it simply hadn’t been resolved. Sometimes life is juts like that. It doesn’t adhere to our calendars, it has a timing entirely of its own. And that’s just part of the experience. It’s up to us to embrace it or resist it and make it hard.
But this time I’m determined that 2015 is going to be fucking awesome. In the way that it will be full of peace, and love and ease and great inspiration and joyful success. Which means that I need to clear the slate and let go of all the shit from the past, to make 2015 the best year yet.
So here’s what I do:
+ I dig in deep and check in with my body and soul if there’s any unresolved emotions that I need to process and let go of. I journal out everything that comes up for me. I write it all out, and cry it out until I feel empty. Then I take those pages and shred them into tiny little pieces and put them in the recycling. Unglamorous but effective and environmentally friendly.
+ I clean my house. Cleaning and organising my environment is reflective of the cleaning and organising that is going on within. I like to spend a day or two going through all my stuff and clearing out things I don’t need anymore. And making my space feel and sparkly and new.
+ I sage / incense / smoke out my space. Again, this has a cleaning and clearing effect. This year I used the Bolenat incense hand-made by my dear Indian friend Ramakrishna who sells it at the Mapusa markets in Goa, India. It has a really special distinct smell and reminds me of exotic worlds and journeys that crack your soul open. I just light it and walk through the rooms slowly, making sure the smoke streams in to all the corners and hold an intention of love, openness, receiving, peace and kindness.
+ I get clear on what I learnt from the past year. Once I know what my lessons are, I can let them all go. This simple, again I just use my journal and write it all out.
+ I do this wonderful journaling exercise by the wonderful Alexander Franzen: What are you devoted to creating?
+ I get clear on my finances and business plans. Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year in Life + Business¬†books are great for this. I actually bought the PDF’s in 2012 when she first brought them out and just keep reusing the content and writing my answers out in my journal. It never gets old and always give me so much clarity.
+ I use my own Releasing Rituals 7 day program to shift any of the bigger things that are still stuck with me, which I want to clear before the New Year begins. It’s fun and only takes a little bit of time to do every day.
+ I use the New Moon to reflect on the past year, get a little introspective and let go of anything that doesn’t serve me anymore, followed by setting my intentions for the New Year. Because you always get what you want, as long as you are clear about.
I believe we can recreate ourselves and out world every single day. We don’t have to wait for the New Year to get us started. But there’s this beautiful gap of time, between Christmas and the New Year, which just seems to serve itself so perfectly for recalibrating.
So, ask yourself, what are you creating in your life in 2015?

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