Have you found what you are looking for? For that one thing that will make life finally feel enough? Maybe it’s time to stop looking.


Every now and then during a philosophical mull-in with friends, a notion arises — that is “I am looking for something that is other than what I have.”


Examples would be …… “I haven’t figured out what I want to do with my life / my career / my love …..”  – “I am looking for a sense of fulfilment outside of myself, and I don’t know how to reach it.” “So and so aren’t making me happy / my job isn’t fulfilling me / my life just isn’t quite right ….. yet.”


Let the searching end here.


I’ve been there myself, many times, trust me – I have galavanted across oceans in every direction in chase of adventure, to taste the potent elixir of life, or to escape from situations that I didn’t know how to stand in.


I hope, no, I am certain that by now, I have learnt my lesson. I have been the princess of chasing lost dreams that were actually never lost……. though not anymore. This is what I know for sure:


When you stop looking it comes to you.


Whatever that piece you feel is missing, it’s not, but by the fact that you are searching it out, that you believe you don’t have it, this elusive “thing” disappears and is suddenly invisible to the eye. That illusion of fulfilment, the idea of something lacking in your life is created by not attuning yourself to what IS already in your experience. By not allowing what is to be, and thinking that it is other than what you should have.


We always get exactly what we need; what we ask for.


Sometimes we are blind to the things that are in front of us purely due to the fact that we have forgotten to appreciate them for what they are. We judge them as good or bad instead of just as an experience, a possible opportunity to grow and learn.


When you hold in your consciousness how you want to feel, what you want experience, the type of people you want in your life, when you stay with it …… you find it.

Or rather .. it finds you. I know now that things always work the best when we allow them to arrive rather than pushing and striving to achieve them.


Let the searching end here.


What you are looking for is not missing.  It’s not lost. It’s right in front of you… and you will see it soon enough. As soon as you let go.


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