Lie down and get really comfortable.
Close your eyes.
Imagine you are surrounded by a beautiful light, soothing and safe.
Notice your breathing.
As you breathe in, know that you are breathing in everything you need.
As you breathe out let go of anything you don’t need.
Bring attention to your body as it rests comfortably and peacefully.
Every sensation in your body helps you become even more relaxed and peaceful.
Imagine a beautiful light surrounding your.
Feel it move gently and gradually up and down your body, leaving you feel safe, centred and feeling good.
Take your time.
Notice your breathing, calm and gentle.
Allow yourself to feel what it feels like to be connected with your source, your centre, your heart.
Know that this is your own wonderful, special place.
Allow the sensations of being in this beautiful place to fill your body with joy and peace.
What do you notice?
What intuitive thoughts, concepts, ideas and knowing is coming to you?
Recognise that whatever may be there, or not be there, is perfect for you, right now.
Feel what it feels like to be open to whatever experiences you may have.
Know that you are safe and protected at all times.
Allow your intuition, your heart to guide you.
Know that you can ask your inner wisdom, your intuition, whatever you want.
You will always receive the perfect, loving and truthful answer.
Let yourself connect with your inner wisdom and begin to ask.
Know that you have the courage and permission to ask anything you need to know.
Allow the answer to settle and allow yourself to reflect on this wisdom.
Become aware of how it feels to trust yourself. To have the freedom of opening your heart.
Feel the wisdom seep into you and fill you. Feel what that feels like.
Know that you can have this feeling any time you choose, some by placing our attention on it.
Give thanks for the ability to connect with your inner wisdom. To feel and hear your heart.
Allow yourself to float back to the sensations in your body, to the beautiful light emanating from you and surrounding you.
Be aware of the sense of peace and oneness that you are feeling.
Let whatever you are feeling carry back to the space where you began.
When you are ready to open your eyes you will feel refreshed, at peace and confident.

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