The Level 1 & 2 Mentor Training

A 6-month live program with a mind-heart-intuition approach, to learn the method 
and cohesive framework to become a skilled and impactful mentor.

The Level 1 & 2 Mentor Training is a 6-month live online comprehensive training to prepare you to mentor yourself and others. This training can be used to expand your own personal skills for self-exploration and growth as well as to build your career as a mentor.

Why become a skilled mentor?
We are so deprived of connection.

Each one of us holds the key to unique skills, insights, perspectives and knowledge that someone else needs.

Mentoring offers an innovative way to rebuild those connections we so crave. Through mentoring we connect with others in the form of a supportive portal to share our skills, knowledge, art and be the channel for others in their time of vulnerability, desire to learn, and growth. It’s a way to connect human-to-human and offer each other the insights that we would have otherwise learned in community.

The Level 1 & 2 Mentor Training with Vienda Maria

Within each of us lies an infinite sense of true knowing, remembrance and wisdom.

Through mentoring, we can offer each other a safe space to reflect and connect to the answers that we seek in our personal and professional lives. Mentoring allows someone, a few steps ahead of another in a specific area to access a pathway to insight, knowledge, support, connection and self-confidence through simple tools, practices, and perspectives.

The best mentoring is when
are working together.

In this Mentor Training program, I take you on the journey to become a confident space holder for others and create connections that have a positive ripple effect across the world.


Level 1 takes you a deep dive into your own mind, heart and intuition in order to become an effective mirror and sounding board for your clients and others in your life.

Level 2 gives you the pragmatic structure and processes required to have in place to hold mentoring sessions. 

Registration opens: Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Registration closes: Friday, April 1, 2022

Start: Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

Timeframe: 6 months divided in 2

April, May & June
2-month break for integration & practice hours
September, October & November

Cost: £1,500 / £200 monthly instalments

Limited to 30 spaces
First 10 enrolments paid in full receive
a free Plannher in the post.

IMPORTANT: When you register, make sure you tick yes ✔ to receiving emails. If you accidentally missed that step you can opt in here.




Live call times…

…every first & third Wednesday!

… alternating timezones.

1am LA
4am NYC
9am London
10am Barcelona
8pm Sydney


9am LA
12pm NYC
5pm London
6pm Barcelona
4am Sydney

*please take into account that these will change slightly with your local daylights savings

  • What is mentoring? What sets it apart from coaching and therapy.
  • Emotional fluency to connect to your own and your client’s emotional world.
  • Nervous system support to make growth and expansion easy and accessible.
  • Recognising dissociation, adaptation and projection and what to do about it.
  • Self- and co-regulation when a client is having a difficult experience.
  • Sharing from a place of integrity and intuition to support your client’s process.
  • Mentoring Method Step 1: Safety, consent and address the specific problem.
  • Mentoring Method Step 2: Connect to the body, validate and explore the issue.
  • Mentoring Method Step 3: Uncover the core root, find support and reframe with solutions.
  • Self-care, reparenting and holding yourself through the mirror of others’ challenges.
  • On-boarding and application processes to ensure a client is the right fit.
  • Contracts, policies, confidentiality and a code of ethics to create a safe space.
  • Boundaries, self-regulation, responsibility and integrity as a mentor.
  • How to open a mentoring session, see it through, and close it with grace and ease.
  • Presenting issues and seeing what is really going on to give your client what they need.
  • How to hold space in a compassionate, mature, kind and professional way.
  • Asking the right questions to guide your client to the right answers and solutions.
  • Off-boarding and leaving your client feeling supported and empowered.


Throughout Level 1 you will be paired up with a partner to begin practising holding space for one another in a safe and responsible way.

Throughout Level 2 you will be paired up with a new partner to further deepen the practises and tools and your move through the mentor training program.



An online community to share experiences, personal challenges and wins and offer one another support PLUS smaller pods arranged by region so you can meet other mentor trainees in person and build intimate connections.


Eighteen hours of self-study videos dripped out across the 6 months
Twelve live calls + replay with me with hot-seat mentoring and questions answered
Ten conducted working hours with practice clients that will be reviewed and assessed
Two intimate listening partnerships to practice, feel held and hold another on the journey
An online community group space to share resources, ask questions and connect
A certificate of completion



During the 2-month break, you will be required to complete 10 1-hour practice mentoring sessions that you will be required to report on.

  • You are a coach, creative, healer or work with people in some other way and want to learn how to hold space for them in a professional and compassionate way
  • You want to learn how to feel safe within yourself, within your body, and with others
  • You want to be able to be there for your friends and family and connect in a vulnerable and eloquent way
  • You want to have easy tools and processes to professionally hold space for others
  • You do not like participating in groups
  • You are not willing to brush up against your edges
  • You do not want to be accountable for you own life and experiences
  • If you think that working with others means you can bypass your own stuff
  • You are afraid of facing yourself through the mirror of holding space for others

The Level 1 & 2 Mentor Training program is designed to be applied in professional areas including coaching, teaching, working with adults and children and can also be used personally to support friends, family and colleagues.

Life can’t be planned or controlled too precisely but rather requires a gentle framework to breathe our experiences into and space to be expressed and evolve in. This is where mentoring comes in. It’s about creating a visceral, intimate, safe connection with someone else.

When you are a part of something that matters, and you are seeing your authentic self being reflected back to you by someone who understands you and you are experiencing that sense of cohesion you feel good. You feel like you belong. You feel like you’ve found your people, your tribe. You feel met seen and understood.

That’s all we really want.

Every human being deeply yearns to be seen, heard and understood.

Mentoring is that gift, delivered by you through your unique life experience, knowledge, wisdom and desire to connect with others and share those gifts.


Will TMT be accredited?

We are working on being accredited by a professional body but it won’t happen in this round. This is reflected by the price which will go up once we are accredited. In the meantime, you do receive a certificate of completion once all coursework is done.

What’s the hourly commitment?

6.5 hours per month:
3 x hour-long video classes
2 x hour-long live calls
4 x 20-30 minute listening partnership calls

What are the 10 practical hours?

In the two month break across July and August, you will receive instructions on how to run 10 1-hour practice mentoring sessions that you need to complete before we begin the live classes again. These will be assessed and reviewed by your practice clients with a supplied form sent to them following your mentoring session.

If we already work with clients can the practice sessions be paying clients?

100% as long as they are happy to complete the assessment form.

How can I use these skills to self-mentor?
The potent magic of mentoring is that your clients will often mirror something you yourself have experienced in the past or trigger things in you that have arisen to be looked at. The skills you learn to mentor others are the exact same skills you use to mentor yourself applied directly to yourself. It’s a skill that will support you and guide you for the rest of your life.
What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

We will dive into this in detail in the first class but the simplified answer is that a mentor shares skills and experiences to help their client evolve and grow while a coach is focused on meeting their client’s goals.

I felt more at ease with the flow of my life, and found much easier to fit events into the process instead of forcing the process into a line of events. There was so much release and I could let go of things I had a hard time to digest initially. communication skills when conflicts arise and much more determination!


I realized a pattern of mine that I take on too much responsibility that isn’t mine to carry. It helped to have someone reflect back to me things that I wasn’t able to see clearly. I received more clarity on my offerings and to flow more with what is working and drop what isn’t fully in alignment at the moment. Trusting that it will flow when the time is right.


My inner world changed in ways I didn’t know were possible beforehand. I’ve become more trusting than ever, I’ve invited in what I most desired, and let go of what didn’t serve me anymore. These inner changes have been reflected in my outer reality. I’ve started my own business and honoured my truth through other bold decisions. I’ve developed the ability to connect to my intuition on a deeper level, I’ve learnt to appreciate my darker moments and find beauty in them. I’ve benefited most from the mixture of introspection combined with practical steps. I’ve enjoyed most learning from the wealth of Vienda’s perspectives and experiences. I have a whole new understanding of the world which shapes every aspect of perception for me.


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