Last week, late one night, I awoke to the sound of a bang. I opened my eyes and turned to my love, who said “Did you hear that? It sounded like a car crash!”
Wrestling with wanting to stay in the depths of slumber I responded, murmuring “Maybe it was a door slamming.”
But it wasn’t a door slamming.
He raced out our bedroom, only to see our housemate, do the same. They scampered towards the door and flung themselves into the car.
I listen to them drive off. Suddenly wide awake and acutely aware of my senses. Minutes later: sirens. Peoples voices. There’s electricity in the air.
Still, I stay in bed. I can tell it’s not good. I have an intuitive feeling that my love is performing his decade-honed skills of CPR and rescue. I can feel it.
A few minutes more and I hear something else. It sounds like some axing down a tree. One giant chop at a time.
But it wasn’t someone chopping down a tree.
I race out of our bedroom, with the quilt still gripped firmly in my hands, terrified that the tree will fall on our house. With one fleeting thought, is now my time? As the giant tree trunk falls across the road.
I get my iPhone, turn on the torch, and walk out to the road to see what’s happened. A car arrives at the fallen trunk around the same time I do. On the other side is another car with its hazards on, and further up the hill, the flashing red and blue lights of police and ambulance.
I walk up the hill, and two figure pass me, I recognise them and call out “Baby!” He’s shaking. “I tried to save her!” He says, tears in his eyes…
Life is fleeting. Life is precious. Life is dangerous. You are so damn courageous for living it.
Every day I am inspired with the tenacity, the courage, the raw love with which you go out and live your lives.
We never know when our end may come. It might be tomorrow.
And if it was tomorrow, would you be glad?
Would you be proud of all you have done, tried, lived, achieved, loved and learnt?
Or would you regret not making more mistakes and loving more?
Would you be happy and grateful for all the moments?
Or would you wish for just one more?
Let’s make sure we live each day as if we don’t know what might happen tomorrow.
Because we don’t.

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