If you thought that title was rather long, jovial & baffling, then let me smile with you as I nod and sweetly say “Welcome to the life of a modern day gypsy. You never know what each day will bring!”.
My sweet, fine feathered friends, so much has happened and I have so very much to tell you, so today’s post is going to be a little outline of it all, which I will follow up over the following week with a more in depth view. So let me start in a chronological order, to make some kind of sense of this rapid movement that we love to call life. And bare with me as I jump back on my wild horse and find my flow in the work/fun/creativity journey that I’ve chosen for the time being. My updates may not be as consistent, but I can promise even more juiciness than ever!
As those of you following my travels know, after three months in Central America I landed in San Francisco in mid-March and spent the last two months enjoying a more settled life, working, making new friends and co creating some beautiful connections and projects.
In that time, I co-founded a new project as the Creative Director for a boutique marketing firm called the Marketing Minxes, along side the talented and incredible CEO and co-founder Taylor Whitmer, who leads the strategic and business direction of our team. We are currently taking on unique and trendy indie brands across Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego, who need a boost in their overall brand presentation and digital as well as social media strategy.
I promise to tell you so much more about it very soon but in the meantime come on over and check out our Facebook page, connect with us and watch our journey unfold on Instagram: @MarketingMinxes and if you have a business that needs our distinct flavor of marketing with Taylor’s extensive corporate business and strategy experience and my sweet creative touches and flourishes, then email me at
Last Wednesday (a week ago) I went to a four day Visionary Leadership Conference called Awaken in the North California redwoods to reconnect with the people that I call my Tribe and my family. These are people that like me, live life a little differently, by the beat of their own drum. We are gypsies + nomads, coaches, healers, farmers, builders, musicians, artists, teachers, designers, scientists, business people, Jewellers, yogis, spiritual leaders, tribal elders, film makers, mystical creatures and so much more.
What brings us together is a unified vision of a new world. A world where we are all healed and whole, nourished and nurtured, loved and cared for. A world where spirit guides us, where intuition is as a clear a voice as your neighbors, where we live in harmony with nature and the Earth.
After 42 workshops, working in the kitchen with Deepak Chopra’s chef to help feed the 450 Visionary Leaders that were at attendance, crying my heart out in the arms of my brothers and sisters at one of the many ceremonies which included the infamous Hawaiian Ho’Oponoopono Forgiveness Ritual and creating a brand new vision and structure for the future of the business world, I am feeling rather spent. Again, I have so much to share with you on this one, but it’s going to take a post of it’s own to do so.
Now I’m back on the gypsy-road, this time with my sweet partner-in-marketing-crime driving from San Francisco, via Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, for meetings with potential clients for the next week or so. I have a feeling that we will be on the road for the rest of the month, as we build our client portfolio and enjoy some of the Souther California weather and produce.
I was so very excited to discover the farmers market in Santa Barbara yesterday with delicious fruits and vegetables, flowers and live street music abound! Tonight we are off to LA, so stay tuned and watch what fun we get up to as we take over the world of boutique marketing, one gorgeous indie brand at a time!
Having said that, never fear my love, my inspiring writing and coaching services are always and forever here for you to uplift your spirits guide you through some of the darker, narrow alley ways of life!
Vienda xx

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