Like all of you, I am doing my best.

I hesitate as I write to you today… I’ve deleted and rewritten this first sentence five times already, unsure of what to say, what not to say. What’s true, honest, kind, nuanced enough. Maybe it’s also ok to just be imperfect and human right now.


Currently, I have friends who have lost their homes or are existing in isolated little islands of land cut off from anyone else in NNSW and SEQLD in Australia due to floods. I have friends who have been standing and sleeping on the steps of the Parliament House in Wellington, New Zealand peacefully requesting the right to continue their lives and businesses without being inoculated. Until a police force brutally moved them along. I have friends who recently did the same in Canada. I have friends, both Russian and Ukrainian, who feel heartbroken and helpless standing by watching as a man with much unresolved trauma and too much power wield deadly threats.


I am aware that these sorts of heartbreaking things have been happening in lots of places for a long time. I am aware that in my privilege I only care to think of them when they affect those that I love. I am aware that there is more that I don’t know and might be dismissing or failing to address. More than anything I am aware that as a human I have a limited capacity to understand or hold space for it all. Like all of you, I am doing my best.


Here’s what I think helps.

Appreciating what we have. Really truly holding close to our hearts the safety of our homes, the love of our nearest and dearest, the beauty and relief that we can find in nature, with furry friends, in creative pursuits. Having deep compassion for suffering. Acknowledging that life isn’t fair. Without allowing it to make us bitter or hardened, but rather softer, more flexible and willing to mitigate the unfairness. Responding with what we have available to us. Skills, resources, prayer, meditation, curiosity, wonderment, validation, acknowledgement, love.


Life is a strange, wild, messy, beautiful ride.
I’m so glad I’m here. I wish I read the fine print when I signed up.


This moment that I send this email marks the New Moon in Pisces, the last New Moon of this astrological year that ends in 18 days on March 20 with the Equinox. A refresh, and an opportunity to refocus, a new astrological year, perhaps a new everything. Accompanied comes a drive and inspiration for us to commit to a new path. In love, in our professional lives, and more.


I had made a pact with myself, that with this moment, I would share the two things that I have been deep in the creative trenches with for the past two months. But ultimately have been years in the making. Because they are the expression of the kind of world I want to live in. I’m going to quietly leave them here with you now, today, and then circle back again with more in a week or so.


Her Way — A 12-month community for women in business. Though it is never only about business. It’s sisterhood. It’s healing shame and fear. It’s facing fears with courage. it’s overcoming cycles of conditioning. it’s choosing to be of service from your heart. It’s transcending your old normal and replacing it with more, better, easier, kinder. It’s believing in yourself. And it’s a close-knit community of women believing in you too.


The Level 1 & 2 Mentor TrainingA 6-month live program with a mind-heart-intuition approach, to learn the method and cohesive framework to become a skilled and impactful mentor.


Wherever you find yourself in the world, under whatever circumstances I hope you are safe and well. You are in my heart. And if there’s something that I could do for you to soothe your tender soul respond in the comments section below. I will do my best.


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