“And she said “Look at you! You’re living your dream, while the rest of us are disgruntled and trying to make a life out of the limitations that we have!””
I was on the phone with a very close friend of mine. A gypsetter like me, who had just returned back to her apartment in Nottingham from a summer travelling around Europe. Like myself, she has created a sustainable lifestyle for herself, where she is semi-nomadic, and doing what she loves: creating beautiful, sustainable gardens at festivals and managing the environmental aspects of eco-friendly events.
She was sharing her experience of having been at a wedding where an ex and several friends from her past life as a produce seller were at, divulging their unhappiness with their lives, and dreaming of greener pastures. She described them as unsatisfied, complaining and moaning about their partners and dreaming of a different life. A different life. One that they knew they wanted, but didn’t dare to dream of.
This is a conversation that comes up often when I spend time with people who are not living out their deepest yearnings – their dreams. When you repress what is calling you, when you don’t allow the creative spirit within you to rise up and be expressed through you, in whatever form, a small part of you dies. Quietly, softly turning into dust. When we don’t nurture our dreams, we don’t get to fully show up and experience life.
We all come into our lives wishing to feel some kind of sense of purpose. Something that we can tether ourselves to and identify with. Something that gives us meaning. Innately, having a sense of purpose is a physical and emotional need. It’s what we build our dreams on.
We begin to find ourselves when we notice how we are already found – already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvellously exactly who we are meant to be.
The only problem from recognising that is that there is this undercurrent of rejecting ourselves. We have been taught for years to live up to other people’s expectations, to societies ideas of who we should become, fixations on how other people perceive us, an external means of fulfilling ourselves  such as body image and having the latest everything.
To truly discover and embody your purpose, you have to step out of what is keeping you small and contained. Stop being a people pleaser. Listen to and trust your intuition. And start doing things your way.
This is quite a journey. You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren’t. You take risks, try new things, and the insight follows. You don’t think your way into becoming yourself. You experience you way into it!
When you look around you, and see what other people are doing with their lives, who is living your dreams?
But really. I mean, if you look down deep within you, and asked your soul. What would your dream life look like?

Do you need to spend some time and get some guidance around how to work out what your dreams actually are?

And if you have a clear picture of it, isn’t it about time to start moving in the direction of your dreams? Isn’t it time to remove the shackles of compliancy and actually take a few risks, to get that heart racing and re-discover the fulfilment of being alive again?

Our aim now is to create a clear context, a clear projection and a clear dream for ourselves. Because clarity is magic! Clarity helps us define the processes, projects and steps we need to be able to fulfil our purpose and our dreams.
If we have no focus, no clarity, we can’t move forward. If we have nothing, we get nothing.
I recently created a new mentoring program that I am just so excited about, which launches in only 4 days: #10WeeksofFree. In it I am teaching and guiding you how to let go of all those preconceptions that are holding you back from living your dream. And then how to turn your dreams into reality by setting yourself free.
I will give you exercises and homework as well as weekly 1 to 1 coaching calls to help you identify your overall purpose and dreams in life. Which is then followed by the next step, which is to turn that purpose and those dreams into achievable goals, projects and actions. It’s about creating a life that is congruent with all aspects of you. It’s about living your dreams.
Spaces are filling up fast, and doors close on Friday at midnight so you better make your mind up to join us quick-smart! I can’t wait to meet you in #10WeeksofFree mentoring program in a just a few days.
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