An inspiring, free-flowing 2.5 hour yoga, dance and meditation class with a whole host of unique rituals and dream-manifesting games that will loosen you up, fill your heart and set you up for an amazing festive season and New Year.
On the surface, it’s about getting out of your head and into your heart by connecting with your body through movement, human interaction and music.
But really? This special event is about the celebration of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.
>>> You will learn to fully arrive into your body, be present and open your heart to new experiences and infinite possibilities.
>>> You will stretch, relax and then get your heart racing with intuitively led yoga and dance by Ieva Wildlovebeamer.
>>> You will meet new people, and learn to dissolve your inhibitions and fears as you see them reflected back at you from open, mind and vulnerable hearts.
>>> You will do a dream manifesting exercise, where you get clear on your hopes and wishes for the new year, and then discover the very simple steps that it takes to make those dreams come true. Led by ME.
>>> Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling!
>>> You will be led through a beautiful visualization meditation, unifying your body, mind and soul into a rainbow spectrum of sensations by Marina Avetisyan.
>>> You will be blessed with a sound healing from live instruments reverberating through your body, helping to release tension and making space for the new.
It’s a powerful (yet peaceful) combustion of creative energy — the kind that happens when a group of beautiful strangers collide.
It’s about you, your unique presence and your purpose in the world.
And we can’t wait to share it, with you.
The Winter Solstice Full Moon Dance is £17 online booking HERE, or £20 on the door, from 7.30pm until 10.30pm.
Plus: Time to socialise, have fun, chat with new friends, drink and snack on delicious treats in the bar next door afterwards — and love, love, crazy love.
The event is lead by three amazing women: community yoga and dance expert Ieva Wildovebeamer; singer and songwriter Marina Avetisyan; et moi: lifestyle coach, writer and professional gypsy Vienda Maria.
All three of us are super intuitive, love to connect with and invite the feminine into the way we interact with life, and hold our inner truth and freedom as our highest values. This brings a very dynamic and sweet flavour into our special event.
You can find out more details on our Facebook Event Page HERE.
Even if you’re not in London, feel free to invite your friends who are, and would love
to connect with more like-minded, beautiful people.
And don’t be afraid to approach us, introduce yourselves and say hello if we haven’t met before. I, for one, love getting to know you in person!

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