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Manifest More closes its doors tomorrow at midnight.


If you’ve been thinking about joining us, now is good time to do so.

Since I opened the doors early last week, the response has been breathtakingly abounding!
These words, and many more have lit up my days, heart and soul:
” Unexplained credit on my vet bill = half price vaccination ! Couldn’t make it up, this is now a daily occurrence! Thank you Vienda!”
“Already signed up and ready to go NOW. I can’t wait!”
“Just signed up for your amazing sounding Manifest More course and I loved, loved, loved your sales page. It was so simple and easy to read and get all the info. It seems everyone else has these huge ones that take you hours to get through and overwhelm you with the amount of pictures and testimonials and repetition. A lot of the time I don’t invest in things because the sales page annoyed me and yours is the perfect example of what to do instead.”
“I’d like to PROPERLY express how excited I am for you and Manifest More! I will most certainly join the course and I cannot wait for it!”
“Darling, your course looks so incredible. You should be so soooo proud. I spent time looking through it yesterday and it sings to me. Can’t wait for it to start!”
“I look forward to your manifestation course – trying to get some of my healers on board – I am in!”
Manifest More has my very own, unique blend of insights, experiences and manifestation mastery that no-one else can share with you. You’ll get never-been-told-before stories about my manifesting journey and the way I’ve created a thriving life by using manifesting techniques.
If you’ve been inspired by my work, or if you’ve ever wanted to work with me, but your budget hasn’t permitted, this is the best way to tap my brain.
Plus, you get 19 master manifesters share their stories with you, who each have a plethora of practical, easy-to-follow, tangible tips for you.
The focus is on manifesting 6 specific and important areas of life: Money, Love, A Home, Health, Creative Ideas and a Dream Job or Career, into our experience in ways that are fun, easy, tangible and exciting.
Ready to join us?

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