Manifest Success Stories: Can you imagine manifesting: a new smart phone; a car; a bright new business vision; exactly the home you wanted or $4,200 in less than 10 days?
The incredible thing about manifesting is… that it works best when we surrender.
When we stop trying so hard.
When we let go.
When we stop.
Stop doing.
There are really only two things you need to know about manifesting.

Ask. + Receive.

But for many of us, there is a diorama of conflicting beliefs, feelings and hard-wired concepts that complicate that process. You might ask yourself: Why am I really good at manifesting some things, and yet other things totally seem to evade me?
I answer that question in my Free 7 Day Manifesting Course.
Within a week of running that free course, I started receiving incredible emails filled to the brim with manifest success stories. Manifest Success Stories: Can you imagine manifesting: a new smartphone; a car; a bright new business vision; exactly the home you wanted or $4,200 in less than 10 days?


It brings me enormous pleasure to share some of those stories with you today:

Vienda, you sneaky thing! Your 7-day manifesting course just took me by surprise!
Even though I felt as though I would already know a lot of the content, the way you explained it just made it all click – like you put it all into perspective.
At first, I wanted to try to attract some more money, but I thought that was a bit vague, so on day 2, I changed my goal to be around attracting a new phone instead. You made it so, damn easy. I really didn’t even feel like I was trying at all.
Anyway, 2 days after the end of the course, a perfect new phone was in my hands, I was pretty chuffed. And then 2 days after that, I received an unexpected payment for $4200 after doing my tax. You’re a gifted teacher babe! Your course (and the results) definitely exceeded my expectations. Love what you’re about too. x

Hi lovely, I hope you’re well? Just wanted to share a little story with you…
So I did your 7 Day Manifesting Course and decided I wanted to manifest a car. This is a massive thing for me because I’ve always had a lot of fear around getting a car and there is a lot tied up in it in terms of my independence and previous dependency on partners etc (you know how it goes).
Just this morning I got a text message from a very good friend offering to gift me her old run around Barina because she just bought a new car. Speechless… I mean I have done some manifesting in my time but this is a whole other category…
So, thank you for your work! xoxo
Cherise Lily Nana

When I saw that you were holding a 7 Day Manifestation Course I knew I had to sign up!
It was on the day where we looked at our fears and beliefs about what we were trying to manifest that brought it all together for me. I realized that I wasn’t being clear with what I wanted to manifest because I had fears and beliefs surrounding it that was blocking what I wanted to come in. Going through the steps that you created, allowed me to open my eyes to the blocks that I didn’t even know that I had. I sat there laughing, realizing no wonder this hasn’t come in! Look at all of those beliefs around it!
Alongside that, I read your blog post about writing to the Universe. I thought “Hey, this couldn’t hurt!” Again, I got really clear on what my vision was for manifesting and I sent it off the email address provided in her post. When you write to it, the email address sends back “your order has been successful.” There’s something about putting out what you want and getting back a, ‘We’ve got you, want you want is coming’ that puts you into a space of confidence and gives you the belief that what you want is truly on its way (asap!)
Within 24 hours, I had got a burst of inspiration to create something for my brand that feels exciting, aligned and full of fun. This is something I had been searching for a while now and it was all because I learned how to be clear on what I want and recognize my fears and accept them. I’m so grateful that I found your post and email course. You’re a legend and a true manifestation magician!
Olivia O’Conner — Don’t Tell Summer

And finally, from one of my amazing assistants:
It was several months ago, that I first introduced to the concept and principles behind manifestation.
Around that same time, I was 1 month into looking for an apartment and was having the worst luck. As I began learning about manifestation through your course I implemented little tips and tricks with the hope that they would help me find the apartment I had been picturing.
Fast forward about two months… a friend from childhood moved to town and we decided to apartment hunt together, which meant my budget was more accommodating for the apartments around the area I’d been wanting. When I got back from my two week trip to Wales, I received an email letting me know an apartment I had been looking at came available.
We applied, got accepted, and will move in on the 11th of September. The best part about this apartment is that it is EVERYTHING I had been manifesting. Top floor, downtown, walking distance to work, loft-style, exposed brick, 15 foot exposed ceiling… I couldn’t picture anything more perfect… I believe manifesting helped me get there. Thank you. 
Mariah Young

Honestly. Reading those words… Has left me breathless. (In the sexy, excited, good way… obviously.) If these people can manifest big things like that, after just 1 week… Imagine what would be possible after 2 weeks. Or 5 Weeks. Or, even, 8 weeks.
Free 7 Day Manifesting Course

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