Manifesting Dreams: Rad Livin' with Olivia from Don't Tell Summer
I met Olivia a couple of years ago through our mutual friend Mel and we ended up spending an entire day gallivanting around Bondi, Sydney, skipping through the Farmer’s Market, eating lunch at Le Paris Cafe, and chatting up a storm.
Late last year Liv sent me a short note on Facebook. “UMMM the email to the universe WORKS!!! Within 24 hours!!!”
What exciting magic unfolded from that point onwards, you can see in our video interview below.

Olivia has very kindly and generously offered all of my readers (aka. YOU) 15% off your ticket when you join her and 100’s of other rad folk at Rad Livin’ this year, by using the discount code: GYPSET.
Click here, to get yours now.
#RadLivin is a unique event made to inspire you to do what you love now.
Speakers, live music and like-minded people coming together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the fullest. Picture it as a fun, inspiring conference, mixed with a laid-back festival.
The purpose of #RadLivin is to inspire you to do what you would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. It’s a declaration to live an authentic, rad life. Whether that’s saying yes to going on an adventure that day, or to a dream that’s been sitting in your heart, it’s here as a reminder to do what you love, what completely excites you. It’s about bringing people together to follow their dreams, while encouraging the person next to them to do the same; building not only a community of like-minded people, but a community of advocates for doing what you love.
We’re bringing you down-to-earth, successful speakers who are doing what they love and passionate about inspiring you to do the same. You will hear stripped-back stories about how they went for their dreams and gain applicable knowledge on how you can do what you love too. Speakers include founders of Pedestrian TV, OneWave, One Night Stand, Axel & Ash, Tidal Magazine, Cait Miers and Connie Chapman.
After the speakers, there will be live music by Ziggy Alberts and Sons of the East, cold beverages, tasty food and space for you to collaborate, meet like-minded people, share your ideas and have an epic time.
Because #RadLivin is all about inspiring you to do what would excite you and connecting you with the right people, we’ve partnered up with brands who are aligned with our purpose including ING Dreamstarter, Contiki and Airbnb. Our hope is to provide attendees with as much inspiration, knowledge and connections that will help them go for their dreams now.
WHEN: 20 Feb 2016, Sydney
WHERE: Central Park – Project Space Level 3, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
CONTACT: For more information, please contact Olivia at
Remember: your 15% off discount code is: GYPSET. Get your ticket here.
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