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1:1 mentoring

So much of life is optional, not mandatory. But we forget that, don’t we? We inflate ourselves with a grandiose succession of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and find ourselves slipping beneath the surface of why we came to Earth in the first place.

We came here to have a profoundly enjoyable experience. To sip on the ecstasy that is a life fully lived. To express the full spectrum of your potential. The divide between you and your spectacular life — where everything is possible for you — is your belief system.

A divide created by trauma, conditioning and limited thinking can be transcended with the right approach and a support system.


clients I work with

I predominantly work with women, ages 26 to 36 more or less, who want more from themselves and their lives in the holistic sense. They know there is so much potential there but need support and guidance to access it. Whether that’s in their work and sense of purpose, their relationship to themselves and others, their desire to tap back into connection with what’s real and meaningful, there is a deep desire for radical change.


my approach

My aim is to support and guide you to redefine your life by offering you an opportunity to interpret your personal reality — how you have been shaped and defined — through the mirror of my presence and Being. One energetic sequence activates and reflects another. Sometimes this is business-focused, sometimes it is personal-life-focused. Often it is a combination of both. All of this is guided by using your own inner wisdom and returning home to that over and over as we move forward together.

  • 1 x 60 minutes Zoom session
  • Email support for one week after the session to ask questions and request further support
  • It is recommended to bring up to 3 key issues you would like to address in our session which you can outline in the intake form.
  • Our sessions are always very intuitively led where you can relax, ask questions, absorb the teachings and take notes of anything that offers you respite and practices or solutions that you can take to move forward.
  • Your investment: £150.

— When I come to your city we meet at a cool cafe or co-working space, or your home, whatever location is most convenient for you. During this session, we can:

  • map out a creative plan/biz project/online course for something BIG you believe in;
  • acquire practical, tangible skills on how to embody feminine leadership in your life and work;
  • uncover key areas you want to transform, clear the blocks standing in your way and outline an inspired action plan;
  • learn how to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom to make the decisions necessary to take the next right steps;
  • get clarity around your life circumstances and what you really want in order to make the changes needed to be liberated.
  • Sessions start at 12 noon and run to 5 pm. We’ll spend about 4-5 hours together, I’ll treat you to lunch, and we’ll have a wonderful, productive time! I’ll help you create actional measures and a plan, plus you get email access to me for a month after, in case any thoughts or questions come up as you navigate your next steps.
  • Your investment: £500.


  • 6 x 60-minute Zoom video sessions held every 2 weeks
  • Email support in between to share wins and ask questions that will propel you forward. The email support is incredibly powerful when maximised (often acting as ‘extra sessions’), so I encourage you to do so.
  • In our first session together we will set specific aims for us to complete throughout our time together. You are responsible for taking notes and actioning the steps outlined in our sessions to keep you focused and moving forward.
  • Our sessions are entirely customised to your current needs, and we will cover all the emotional, psychological and practical aspects with a holistic overview to meet your aims as we create a new way of approaching your life together.
  • Your investment: £850 upfront; or £285 x 3 months payment plan.


  • If you cannot find a convenient time in the calendar, please email me, and we will work something out. Once you have chosen a session time the booking link will process your payment and take you through to a mentoring intake form for you to complete to validate the booking and get me set up to prepare for our call. All sessions are held over Zoom for which you will receive the link in the booking confirmation email. If you are curious about my terms and conditions, you can read them on my newly-updated policies pageThank you for being here, and for reading about how private mentoring works with me.



BSc Psychology
Reiki Level 1 & 2
Marie Forleo’s BSchool
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
Healing Through Feminine Archetypes
Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté
Informal research and training in epigenetics, psychedelics, addiction, love, creativity, astrology, design, photography, marketing and more…

Client Love


Vienda Maria is leaving behind a legacy that reminds us that anything is possible for us when we know how to redefine it. With a podcast, online courses, programs, workshops & live events, using an interactive teaching style — anecdotes, stories and real-world tools — she takes you on a heart-opening journey. Learn more about Vienda here.

Vienda is also the founder of Plannher, a timeless and undated planner-and-journal-in-one. Plannher contains an approach and method to witnessing and organising life that inspires clarity, trust, harmony, creativity and spiritual connection to self while settling meaningful and realistic goals, into your months, weeks, and days. See Plannher here.


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