Sometimes, when the skies are grey, and your heart calls out longingly for you to come and be still, to listen, you heed the call.
Sometimes, she will tell you a tale of many years ago, a time when you made a decision, to always follow your soul.
And how, sometimes, even though you made that promise to yourself, you might feel like you’ve veered off the path, and are lost somewhere within the dense jungles of mental chatter and social standards.
Your body is telling you one thing, your aspirations another, your intuition is saying trust the process and you are spinning in circles, wondering which way to turn.
Can I really trust this? Can I really go to this place I’ve not gone before? How do I know if I’ll be supported? How do I know this is right for me?
So you heart reels you in, and says:
“Be still, child of mine.
Let go of the thinking and conspiring.
Let go of the what if’s and how’s.
And feel into the present moment.
Feel how still it is here.
How peaceful.
Within that stillness, you discover your truth.
The answers to your questions.
Here, you no longer need to fear the past or the future.
But simply relax into the present.
And make your decisions from here.
What feels good?
Does this?
Or does this?”
With her wise words, she wraps you up in love, and gently teases you, for all the times that you thought you’d gone astray.
She reminds you, that your path is always near, so near that you simply need to look within your heart, to recall the way.
And with her story, the calm and peace remains with you, as you go about your day, from a space of inner knowing. Of connecting with soul. Like you always promised.


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