Happy-almost-weekend angels!
Earlier this week I got you all roused up about this webinar I was gleefully hosting with the wonderful Desha Peackock from Sweet Spot Style. And what a webinar it was!
It was both of our first time using Google Hangout so we had a few glitches, and the recording wasn’t the absolute best, we still have to edit it, but in the meantime -> you can watch it here.
Missed the Google Hangout on Wednesday? Don’t worry! Here’s a peek into some of the Q’s I A’d…
We got some really great questions to answer on the call, and I decided to share the most poignant ones that you sent out for me to answer, below.
Tash asked:
I’m just starting out considering how to take my business online so I can live the gypset life. Could you share your top advice for things to consider at this point in the journey?
And how do you handle hiccups overseas when travelling to places you haven’t been before, such as lack of internet connection?
I’m a bit of a planner, but I can go overboard where nothing gets done because I get too overwhelmed with the “What if’s”, so it would be great to hear how a seasoned traveller as yourself balances planning and going with the flow.
Thanks Tash, for this 3-part question!
1. Firstly, it sounds like you already have a business, as you say you’re ‘considering how to take it online’.
The main thing to consider is how you are providing value for your clients, and how you can make that as automated and sustainable as possible, so that your gypset lifestyle is easy.
Simply: what are your best natural talents and strengths that you can provide to others which give value and solve problems? Then create a package, program, course or product around that and automate it so that you can be location independent.
Obviously, this needs to be looked into in more detail, depending on your specific business, and how you can take that online to give you more freedom. I would suggest reading Tim Feriss’ The 4 Hour Work Week for lots of practical ideas.
2. I love that you asked the question about Internet connection, because this is something I’ve had to face since being in India! I’d like to add here that 89% of countries have amazing internet connection! there’s just a few, like India (ha!) that have questionable cable systems and frequent blackouts.
Like with everything in life, it’s about finding solutions to these problems. I ended up having a list of favourite cafes with good wifi, as well as a 3G sim, as back-up plans. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend creating big programs or doing product launches (like I did!) whilst in places like India!
3. One of the differences between leading a semi-nomadic life and being settled is that gypsetters experience a lot of change and new experiences in their lives, whereas those who are settled get into a comfortable routine and a secure sense of knowing their environment and what’s going to happen next.
You say you get stuck with the “what if’s” of traveling, and I can assure you that being settled has just as many “what if’s”! For me, staying still in one place for too long is far scarier! It’s all about what we are comfortable with and used to. Which means that all those fears, all those “what if’s” are simple created by our thoughts.
To answer your question; I’m not a planner at all. 90% of my life is flow. The rest is me just getting what needs to be done, done. I am wholly guided by my inner wisdom, my connection with Spirit and my intuition. I don’t ask questions. I just listen and do what I’m told. Because I’ve learnt through trial and error, that this is the way that allows the most room for magic and miracles in my life. This is how things flow and amazing things happen.
I know what I need to do on a weekly basis for my business and my life. I stay very present and in the moment and focus on that. And when I am guided to look into the future, for example choose a new location (as I was about a week ago, I’m leaving India in 10 days! but more on that another time) I listen, I pay attention until my direction is clear, and then I make the plans and organise the logistics as necessary. I rarely look more that 6 months ahead in life. It’s unnecessary and unnatural. I’m not a frickin’ fortune teller! I prefer to be enraptured by the mysteries of life.
Jess asked:
I am a life coach in training and also a designer/Wordpress developer, and am hoping to use B-School to launch my businesses and finally create this lifestyle.
I’m in the process of trying to manifest money that will allow me to travel to South America for 2 weeks to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru. Do you have any advice on manifesting that may be useful?
Ah, Jess! What a wonderful adventure you’re about to embark on! I’m so very excited for you!
On a practical note, I would recommend you try the Money Manifest Formula -> get it here. This will help you pull together the money that you need.
And my own personal advice is: you are clearly being called to go to Peru. So don’t question why or how: focus on the end result, which is you going! Put it in your calendar, book the flight, and trust that everything will fall into place. This is how the universe conspires for you.
You’ve listened to the call, the world is beckoning you to explore it. Go. Do. It. It’s already in the wheels of happening.
Belinda asked:
I would like any tips you may have for creating a professional online presence on a budget. I want to offer 1:1 mentoring whilst I study my counselling course. However I have no web design experience and no money to hire a designer.
Belinda, what a great question, thank you!
Allow me to shamelessly plug my oh-so-very-affordable eBook on EXACTLY how I created and continue to develop my website on a budget -> Build Your Own Business Blog. It will give you all the details and insights on how I did it myself.
What I would definitely say is: START WHERE YOU’RE AT. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be where you want to end up. Being honest and authentic and starting at the beginning, which is exactly where you are, is perfect. Don’t allow fears to hold you back. These days not having design experience is not such a big problem.
You can use weebly.com to set up a very simple and easy site for free, and all you need is a few pages:
ABOUT – where people can get to know you and your story.
SERVICES – so your audience can find out how to work with you.
TESTIMONIALS – to give you some social proof.
CONTACT – obviously so people can get in touch.
HOME – which can be your blog which is great for SEO and sharing your wisdom!
And as you and your business grows, you can upgrade and redesign and develop your professional online presence!
I hope that helps!
Muah xo

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