More on freedom.
When many of us think of freedom, we think it means the pursuit of happiness. Certainly to some part that is true. The ability for us to create our lives is essential for the ability to reach our full potential. And financial freedom is important because, being in survival mode cripples our energy and creativity, diverting it away from expanding.
But there is more to freedom, than that. There is freedom of our spirit: literally being free-spirited. That kind of freedom comes from a place of surrender and a willingness to trust and be guided by a greater unknown. The freedom here, comes from the vulnerability of throwing ourselves in the abyss of uncertainty. And being awed observers of the magic that unfolds from such leaps of faith.
It is here that we release our own wants and instead, live our lives as defined by a sense of higher purpose and being of service to the world. And for some of us, this kind of freedom and being of service is expressed and manifested through freedom-fuelled businesses. This, certainly, is true for me. Perhaps it’s also true for you.
Over the past month I have shared with you an intimate 8-part series on ‘How to start a freedom-fuelled business’… This article, is the last one of those. You can read them all here. Followed by a really fun live Q&A, that you should definitely watch:

Plus: more juicy questions that were asked while I was chatting (and showed up on a different screen. Oops!).
Q. My big question right now is WHAT my business would be. I KNOW I can create a freedom fuelled business and I will do it, but I need to figure out the value I will offer. What will this online business actually sell? If you can offer any suggestions on how to get clear on this, any tips for figuring it out, I would love that. — Emily.
A. I remember a time when I felt exactly the same way. I knew WHAT I wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t know HOW it would unfold into something tangible that could be of value and service. In hindsight, I wish I had started earlier, because what I have learned is that the HOW starts to reveal itself to you as you move ahead. What I recommend you do, is to start an online presence, focusing on and sharing what interests you. Keep following your curiosity and interests. Share what inspires you and turns you on. As you do that, you will start to see exactly what it is that you are here to share, because you will light up when doing it. The best practice is always taking action, even without a well-developed, preconceived plan.
Q. How do you stay focused on your Plan A when you must have that support job for the first months/year. Did you have that job for a while? I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all my “jobs” ;) — Maeri.
A. I did freelance work to supplement my income while building my business, which included copywriting and social media marketing for other businesses. While it brought me enough money to live, it was uncomfortable enough to keep me focused on what I really wanted to be doing. At a certain point, even though I didn’t have enough money, or enough clients, I just decided to trust fate and take the leap. Which means I ended all of my contracts and decided to step both feet into my business. It was terrifying. But it was also the point that my business truly began.
Q. What are some great tips to stay motivate and not feel defeated when you are not seeing progress? — Kimberly.
A. Stop focusing on the results and instead focus on the present moment. When you are in your business and doing it all, you have to enjoy it and be fully immersed in it. This is how you breathe love and quality into everything you create. When you are just doing to get somewhere, the something-special will be missing, and it’s easy to feel defeated. Also, don’t give all your focus to your business. Make sure you engage and nurture other parts of yourself, especially things that bring you joy and express your creativity. Too much focus on one thing, and you begin to drown in it!
Q. I am an artist and want to begin a creative coaching business.  My two questions are: What is the quickest way to connect and find new clients? and How do I write a strong bio when I don’t have any ‘official’ training, just my own powerful experiences?  — Elizabeth.
A. The quickest way to connect with and find new clients is to seek them out and email them personally. This may sound really awkward, but it’s something that I teach to most of my clients, because it works. People are busy, and often they don’t even know what kind of support is out there in the world for them. If you want a client now, let them know who you are and what you can do for them. Second to that, build relationships with influencers… You can learn all about that here.
You’re an artist. Which means that you probably have a lifetime of experience in being creative, right? That, right there, is your qualification. You are creative, by profession. You have honed this skill for years. All you need to do, is truly, deeply, unequivocally believe in yourself. And tell the truth. Don’t shy away from all that you are, and all that you have done. Instead, proudly expose it. That there, becomes your bio.

Enjoy! x

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