I never wanted a business. What I wanted was a lifestyle: a way to make money that gave me the freedom to travel the world, or work on my bed in my underwear if I wanted to; to help people and; be creative. Those 3 very simple concepts for what success would look like, guided me.
When I began “business” was a foreign concept for me. I had exhausted my available options and come to the conclusion that I was the world’s worst employee. I never enjoyed investing my precious time and energy into work and projects that I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. The only person I wanted to devote that much of my life to, was me. I felt that I had one alternative left: to start my own business.
I had no idea what I was doing. Despite this I held a tight (terrified) grip to my vision and didn’t give in when things got tough. Day-by-day I figured it out. The first year was the hardest. I put enormous amounts of pressure on myself to be somewhere or something that I was not. The second year was filled with enormous growth: stretching my ability to show up, to receive, to put myself out there, to take knock-backs and failures and get back up again and do it all again the next day. The third year things shifted and started to flow with ease, mirroring my own personal development.
My business has supported me for 4 years now and along the way I have written over 500 articles, been published in digital and glossy magazines, created 3 online courses, mentored at least 100 women, and lived in over 10 different countries. I did it all following my heart and trusting my gut every step of the way.
Creating a heart-led, heartful business was not something that was taught when I started. All the courses and programs out there were all about strategic approaches, and systemized structures and cold, hard facts and launches. From the beginning I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to feel deeply, heart-first dedicated to my work and to the people who my work touched, and do it in a way that aligned with my values was was an authentic expression of myself. It was about creating a thriving vehicle for change for both myself and my clients and customers.
Early this year, I came together with my friend Claire and in response to extravagant amount of questions we both received on how we run our businesses, we put together a 2-day workshop called ‘The Heartful Biz’ that we ran in London over one weekend in late April. The reaction we received from folks around the world who wanted to come but could not was astonishing. After we ran the workshop, still high on publicly presenting our completely candid versions of how we built our heart-led businesses, we decided to turn ‘The Heartful Biz’ into an online workshop.
Behold: The Heartful Biz. Build A Heart-Centred Business That Works (Really Well).
Registration opens today (right now) and class begins on Saturday August 12.
This workshop is just like the live version: it feels like we bring you into our worlds, homes (where the videos are filmed) and businesses and show you how things really work, when it is heart-led. Over 12 video lessons we teach you:
☾ Authenticity & Being You In Your Business
☾ Crafting Great Copy & Telling Stories
☾ How We Use Social Media (& What To Post)
☾ Creating A Newsletter That Grows & Connects You With Your Community
☾ Creating Fabulous Services & Products
☾ Making Money: How We Do It
☾ Using Astrology To Elevate Your Business
☾ Working With Your Menstrual Cycle
☾ Overcoming (Inevitable) Fear
☾ Balancing The Masculine & Feminine In Business
☾ Structures & Systems To Find Your Flow
☾ BONUS: How To Create Live Workshops & Events
☾ BONUS: Manifesting In Your Business
This is an invitation to join Claire and I for The Heartful Biz and learn everything we figured out through hard work, following our hearts and lots of experimentation. We share our biggest block and blunders and how we have overcome them, the tools, systems and structures we use that actually work, how we come up with and create products and services, the way we harness that natural cycles of the moon and our menstrual cycles to be productive and inventive, and so much more.
If you feel this course tugging at your heart, it’s a sure sign that it is calling you to learn and approach business in a different, more heartful way. We would love to have you on this 2-day journey into the hearts of our businesses.
Learn more and register for The Heartful Biz 2-Day Workshop HERE.
If this course leaves you feeling nothing at all, please saunter right past it. It’s clearly not for you. Follow your heart and instinct. That’s all we really want to teach, after all.
Photo: Hayley Richardson

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