Have you ever felt like you don’t know whether you’re coming or going? Felt ecstatically happy and deeply sad at the same time? Been completely confused about where exactly you stand and what the next steps might be?
Me too. That’s where I’m at right now.
I had an amazing Kinesiology session 2 days ago, with a wonderful practitioner called Claudia, here in London. I sought her out after deciding that I needed more help and support around some of the stress I was feeling, as well as to clear the pathways to taking my business to the next level and increasing my income.
Not far into the session, after checking certain levels and connecting with my higher self and asking it lots of questions which are answered through muscle testing she told me that was a hole in my aura and that it had been there since I was 2 years and 2-3 months old. Again, my higher self told her that it had happened in a moment when I felt deeply threatened, and parts of my aura were broken through this experience, leaving me with a gaping hole and a vulnerability to find myself in threatening circumstances time and time again through life circumstances.
My eyes welled up with tears as I recognised the truth that my Kinesiologists words held, though I had no memory of how or what the experience might have been. She led me through a process of recollecting all the pieces of my aura that were missing, which was strong emotional experience for me, filled with silent tears and deep sense of gratitude, love and vulnerability. As the pieces of my aura were returning to their rightful place, after being shattered and fallen away exactly 30 years earlier, I heard a clear voice repeating over and over again “I love you”. Simply “I love you”. I felt a strange sense of relief after some time, and Claudia told me that my aura had finally become whole once again. That I never again would find myself in circumstances that felt threatening to me and that this simple yet deep process is creating an entirely new way of being and living life from now on.
After a few moments to settle and calm, Claudia then guided the Kinesiology session to address some other areas in my life. Work. Finances. Imprints passed down from generations. A past relationship. Habits and beliefs that weren’t serving me.
With each process and topic, I could feel subtle shifts in different parts of my body, as it let go of something that is no longer needed or wanted in my being. Things started to become clear and make sense and I became aware of patterns that I hadn’t been conscious of previously, and how everything is somehow connected with the aura healing, which had an enormous impact. She left me with a few words of wisdom: drink less water (apparently 3 liters a day is too much and has been causing my liver stress); wear more colour; say the following affirmation, 1 repetition, 3 times day fro two weeks:

I easily ask for what I want, and I am worth it.


Such a powerful shift occurred during that session, that now, 2 days later, I don’t quite recognise myself.
I look the same when I see myself in the mirror. But I feel really different. And even though this different is neither a negative nor positive sensation, I feel uncomfortable because sometimes change can scary. It’s the unknown, the part where you don’t know what’s up ahead, that creates some kind of resistance. Who will I be, and how will things be different once these changes settle and become part of me?
There’s a sense of discomfort which feel like lots of rubbish has been whirled up and brought to the surface, and in order to release it I have to experience the sensations of it. I have to be aware of what is being let go. It’s a confronting and yucky experience, but I appreciate it, as I feel things clearing and dissolving, a psychic purging, a spring-cleaning of my inner world.
Sometimes it feels like I’m going to be sick, sometimes it feels like I’m getting a cold, sometimes it feels like I’m so tired I’m about to pass out; but these feelings are momentarily and last only a few minutes at the most, and are quickly replaced by a different sensation again: fear, confusion, contentment, resolution, acceptance, anxiety. This signifies simply that things are still shifting, moving, recalibrating as my body, mind and soul find a new way of being. It’s weird, it’s scary, it’s intellectually not particularly comprehensible but it’s happening.
So I ask for help and support, to go through the process of inner change, of this powerful transformation, and this is what I received.

Focus solely on yourself.
On your being. On who you really are.
Take time to just be.
It will all fall into place.

Stop worrying about what other people think. About you, about themselves.
Stop thinking about what they are doing and trying to emulate your own version of their success.

Remain fully centered within yourself.
The answers will come.

Trust that you are being guided, even though this new way feels scary.
Even though parts of your mind and body are responding with resistance.

This will pass soon.

Life is realigning itself to support your higher self and purpose.
You are safe. You are loved. All is well.

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